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Postcards from Our Coast

A new section from Greg James, detailing some of the beauty and wonder of our South Australian coast. Click on a link to the right to start your journey, and don't forget to check back frequently for new additions!


It was the perfect summer day for fishing off Yorke Peninsula. So 891 ABC Adelaide's fishing expert Greg James fired up the four-stroke and headed out off Tapley Shoals with 891's Matthew Abraham. They were looking for snapper. Did they hit pay dirt?

Greg's chats with Matt and his co-host David Bevan have become a popular part of the 891 morning program. In 2011, Matt and Dave will bring you the Breakfast program, 6am to 9am weekdays. And Greg will be part of the new brekkie line-up.

Greg's Catch It, Cook It, Eat It series

Beach Tucker Butter

Filleting Garfish

Pickled Octopus with Infused Chili

Smoked Australian Salmon

Spicy King Prawn Dip

Greg's Fishing Diaries

Adelaide Metro - O'Sullivans Beach Snapper

Adelaide Metro - West Beach Whiting & Gar

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Hunting Garfish & Squid

Marine Battery Maintenance

Outboard Engine Maintenance

Greg's Our Coast series


Episode 1 - Hidden Marine Fossils

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Greg's Tacklebox Tales

Basic Snapper Rig

Fast Strike Surface Lure

Snook Bladder Lure

Garfish Rig

Lightweight Snapper Rig

Monster Whiting Rig

Whiting Rig

Flathead Rig

Sure-fire Salmon Lure

Squidding Like A Pro

Knife Care

Hercules Hitch Knot

Buying A New Boat

Working With Rope #1

Working With Rope #2