Greg James

Getting Started with Greg James - The Basics

Gear Requirements:

You will need a minimum of quality fishing gear each time you go fishing, so if you plan your purchases correctly you should be able to keep the costs to a reasonable level.

The fishing gear basics you will need are:

  • Fishing rod & reel (1-2)
  • Nylon line (preferably bio-degradable) from 2kg to 10kg breaking strain
  • Hooks & sinkers - several varieties of each
  • Lures & plastiques - for squid, snook and general fishing (several of each)
  • Floats - a couple of each type
  • Hook remover (2)
  • Knife & scabbard (2)
  • Buckets (2)
  • Fishing tackle box

The fishing rigs you will need to assemble are dependent on the species of fish you want to target during the times, location and season you are fishing in.

Coming soon - detailed instructions and photos on how to assemble your own rig for some of the more commonly sought after fish in S.A.

Returning undersize animals:

Here are some great tips on how to get undersize fish, squid & crabs back to their natural habitat as quickly as possible!

  • Always have a fish measure close by so you can check the size immediately.
  • Keep a clean, wet cloth handy so you can handle the fish gently.
  • Remember that any undersize fish or crabs with eggs (berries) need to be put gently back in the water without fail.
  • Donít handle the fish with your bare hands.
  • Donít let the fish injure itself by flapping about in a bucket or on the floor of the boat.
  • Hooks are painful so remove from the fish as carefully as possible.
  • Return the fish to the water with care.
  • Always keep a bucket of salt water handy for emergencies.

Adopt the Greg Jamesí policy of being a Fishing Caretaker at all times!