Greg James

Getting Started with Greg James - Location

The location you choose to go fishing will determine what type of fish you catch (and more often than not, how many of them!).

There are three main forms of fishing - boat, beach and jetty. With a little practice and knowledge, each one can provide you with a decent catch. Greg James has provided a brief summary of each below, providing you with the framework you need to decide which form best suits you.

The Boat

More than anywhere else, fishing by boat has been revolutionised in the past 10 years by new technology that provides GPS marks, high performance sonar & position tracking systems, high performance boats & similar motors. Greg James Membership Advantage has a range of Greg’s own personal GPS fishing marks developed from over 50 years of professional & recreational fishing experiences – join now & see the new paradigm in global fishing! If you would like to ask Greg James about what boat best suits your needs, please feel free to contact him via email.

The Beach

Most of the sandy beaches of SA have both resident & migratory fish. These beaches provide a habitat & sustenance capability for a range of fish such as mullet, salmon, yellowfin whiting, tommy ruffs, bream & flathead to name a few. Going early or late in the day tends to produce the best results, while the more isolated the beach, often means better & bigger fish. If you would like specific beach/surf fishing advice, please contact email Greg James.

The Jetty

Jetties are just a great place to catch species such as squid, tommies, blue crabs & salmon trout, with some of our bigger jetties (eg Wallaroo, Port Lincoln & Rapid Bay) also home to snapper, trevalley & kingfish. Some jetties are also ports of call for commercial vessels & so the access to the public is governed by the times these vessels are moored at the jetty. For a jetty by jetty summary, email Greg James.