Greg James

Getting Started with Greg James - Bait

There is one important rule regarding fishing bait - always use fresh bait!

Search around your local fishing area until you find a retail fishing tackle shop that reliably has multiple types of bait for sale. Most bail will be frozen, so it is important to check that it has only been frozen once. Constant thawing and refreezing artificially ages the bait, making it less effective.

To help you get started in this area, Greg James has compiled a list of the types of bait he commonly uses for most fish species in S.A. waters.


Greg James' Recommended Bait


softened squid, cockles/pipis, clickers


lumps of squid, whiting heads, pilchards, fish fillets


gents, small cockles/pipis

Tommy ruffs
(Australian herring)

gents, small cockles, fish flesh


gents, cockles/pipis

Salmon (trout)

lures, softened squid, pilchards


jigs (lures), small whole fish or a peeled potato on a jig


fish, pilchards, squid


trolling/casting with a moving bait or lure


whole pilchards, garfish fillets, softened octopus

Blue crabs

fish heads/frames, pilchards

Rock lobster

fish heads/frames