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Investigator Marine Park

Investigator Marine Park
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General Marine Park Information

The Investigator Marine Park is divided up into four areas, comprising a total of 1185km2. It consists of:

  • A coastal strip south of Elliston
  • Pearson Island, Dorothee Island and the Veteran Isles
  • Flinders Island and the Top-Gallant Isles
  • The Ward Islands

The above three groups of islands (collectively known as the Investigator Group) are predominantly granite in nature and have associated reef structures surrounding each island. The islands are great for fishing and diving, with many charterboat tours operating from nearby towns if you don't have your own boat!

The coastal section of the marine park is a high energy sandy beach system with a high cliff face, well known for the prevalence of sharks in it's waters.

GPS Boundaries*

The marine park encompasses each of the three island groups, extending out to the seaward limit of the State's coastal waters for each group.

The coastal section of the marine park is bounded by the following points:

  • The north western point is located at approx. 1345425.78E, 334023.56S.
  • It runs south east along the coastline at the median high water mark to 1351438.76E, 34827.2S (near Point Drummond).
  • Extending out into open water in a generally north western direction to 1351156.62E, 34621.82S.
  • Running in a north westerly manner parallel to the coast (although buckling out to include Cap Island) to a point almost due south of Elliston at 1345211.78E, 334245.97S.

Fishing Information

Similarly to the West Coast Bays Marine Park, commercial fishing activities in this area target abalone, southern rock lobster, King George whiting and snapper. Recreationally, the coastal strip of the marine park is known for catches of salmon, mulloway and shark. The reef structures surrounding the various Investigator Group islands also provide an excellent habitat for the greenlip abalone and southern rock lobster, although the sharks in this area make diving a risky proposition! Remember that the size limit for greenlip abalone in this area is 14.5cm! Commonly caught fish around the islands include whiting, snapper, salmon and flathead.

Whilst it is not in the actual marine park, it is worth mentioning that Waterloo Bay (from Wellington Point across to Salmon Point) is a restricted area, and the taking of any type of abalone from within is prohibited.

*Note: GPS boundaries are approximate positions only. For more detailed information, please refer to the DEH website