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West Coast Bays Marine Park

West Coast Bays Marine Park
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General Marine Park Information

As South Australia抯 coastline takes a turn for the south, the West Coast Bays Marine Park (789km2) comes into being and is situated across many of the absolutely stunning bays along the way! Similarly to the Nuyts Archipelago Marine Park, it consists of a mixture of exposed beaches and sheltered bays supporting a variety of natural fauna. Baird Bay in particular is a popular destination, renowned for the ability to go swimming with native sea lions and dolphins.

GPS Boundaries*

  • The north western boundary point of the West Coast Bays Marine Park is approximately 134񳙱6.72擡, 325424.42擲.
  • The boundary runs south easterly along the median high water mark to the southern most edge of Rincon Beach at 1344142.29擡, 331542.09擲.
  • It then heads out into open water in a pure westerly direction to the point 1341853.5擡, 331542.09擲.
  • Following the coast north westerly along the State's coastal water seaward limit, the marine park ends at the point 134񳙱6.72擡, 33񲞬1.94擲 which is almost due south of Point Westall.

Fishing Information

Home of the iconic King George whiting, fishing activity here can be quite intense at peak times of the year. Commercial fishing activities in this area include abalone, southern rock lobster, King George Whiting and snapper. The recreational fisho will also find Yellowtail whiting, mullet, salmon and garfish. Full boating facilities and excellent jetties are situated at many townships, with Streaky and Smoky Bays being two of the more popular.

*Note: GPS boundaries are approximate positions only. For more detailed information, please refer to the DEH website