Greg James
Fishing Reports and Hotspots

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AT A GLANCE! METRO: Garfish from Brighton, Seacliff, Glenelg & Marino Rocks. Bream & salmon trout in the Port River, blueys at St Kilda. YORKE PEN: KG whiting at Port Vic & Point Turton, snapper from Corny Point & Ardrossan. Blueys from Moonta Bay, tuna off Pondalowie Bay. FLEURIEU: Big squid & garfish from Normanville & Wirrina, tommies at Rapid Bay, yellowfin whiting & mullet from Aldinga Beach. SOUTH EAST: Local waters have been rough. Tuna well off-shore at Port Mac, gar & squid from Kingston. KG whiting @ Robe & Beachport. Mulloway from Salt Creek. WEST COAST: Garfish & blueys at Ceduna & Nadia Landing, snapper @ Dashwood Channel, gar & kg whiting in Coffin Bay & Pt Lincoln. Blueys & flathead from Cowell.


METRO WATERS I have had a couple of unconfirmed reports of legal-sized mulloway coming off the grounds at the Star wreck & over at southern Goannas, as boat crews use moving baits for snapper, which is a nice return on effort! I have caught small mullies off the back of unbroken swells in the past, but not of large size & not in great numbers. If you can ID some sandy, broken ground on the leeward side of a reef, then that's where I would start - a great fighting & eating fish! A few gar, tommies & snook can be caught at West Beach, Grange, Glenelg (tyre reef) & Marino, while blueys are still about at Brighton/Glenelg, Semaphore, Largs Bay & North Haven. The Port Noarlunga jetty has squid & mullet at dusk, while the Onkaparinga River has mulloway at The Point after dark & bream closer to the river mouth itself. Yellowfin whiting & mullet are in the shallows at Triggs & Seaford beaches, especially in the sheltered 'mini-bays' afforded by the complex reef systems along this part of our beaut coastline. Mulloway & small kingfish have turned up at the mouth of the Port River & then down in the channel that runs into the small boat harbour/marina on the western side of the mangroves. Bream & salmon trout are also in good numbers in the Port River with the wrecks in the Port River holding the bigger fish. KG whiting catches remain patchy, which is normal for this time of the year - but as March rolls on we should start seeing the winter variety schooling in along Brighton, Glenelg, Grange & Largs Bay. Flathead are at both ends of the metro coast, with small fish at Port Stanvac giving way to legal-sized fish at St Kilda & Middle Beach. Squid are off the breakwaters at Nth Haven & the St Kilda channel & then further south along the blue-line at Semaphore. Garfish remin the current fish of choice, with good results coming from north of West Beach - AAMI & Bower Road & then out from Semaphore & Nth Haven. Some of the bigger fish are deep, so be prepared to set your trace accordingly ie up to 2 metres! Blue crabs are still about from Largs through to Port Gawler, but some of the males have had a busy year of it & are lacking meat. Just chuck the 'light' ones back for next year, I reckon! If you are heading slightly north to Thompson's Beach, then blueys & yellowfin whiting should be your target species, either from the shore or by tinny in water up to 1 metre in depth. Tight Lines!

YORKE PENINSULA Check out full Yorke Peninsula details from my column in the Yorke Peninsula Country Times ( each & every week! Port Broughton: I have spent the past week on the Peninsula and seen a few fishers who braved the hot weather come back in with some nice catches of gar and blue crabs. Wallaroo: The jetty was again busy on Sunday with a few nice KG whiting being landed. Blue crabs were plentiful as were squid, judging from the number of fresh ink stains. A couple of professional squid boats were sighted in the area as well. Garfish have been in good numbers out from Bird Island. Moonta bay/Port Hughes: Cape Elizabeth still has salmon, gar and squid. The jetty has blue crabs, with squid and tommies at night. There have been reports of rugger snapper in Steamer Channel. Point Turton: Garfish and squid are still being caught in the bay with good size KG whiting up towards Hardwicke Bay. Fishers on the jetty are getting mainly tommies and gar. Marion and Stenhouse Bays: The big boats are once again going out chasing Blue Fin tuna. Those fishing closer to shore have landed some rugger snapper, snook and King George whiting. Tommies and squid from the Stenhouse Bay jetty at night. Edithburgh: The jetty has garfish and tommies mainly at night. Some nice squid have been caught up towards Coobowie, while there are still a few blue crabs up near Pt Giles. Tapley Shoals has seen snapper and red mullet. Stansbury/Port Vincent: KG and yellow fin whiting have been caught north of Port Vincent. Blue crabs are still being targeted north of Stansbury close to shore, with some good squid out a little deeper towards the oyster beds. Ardrossan: Some very reliable reports of snapper out from the lookout at Ardrossan and good catches of gar south of the boat ramp. Those raking for blue crabs should try the beaches south of the town with rakers there along the blue line getting good numbers. The town jetty has garfish and yellow fin whiting. Tight Lines!

SOUTH EAST The waters from Kingston down to Robe have flathead, big kg whiting, salmon trout & mullet - with some nice garfish off the back of the semi-submerged shallow reef systems at Boatswain's Point & Little Dip. Mulloway, gummy sharks & salmon to 2 kilos can be caught from the beach at The Granites & Policeman's Point & the Salmon Hole north of Nora Creina Bay has fish around the 500gm mark. Try fishing the sandy hole just south of this beach for monster flathead on a big swell. Crews fishing the drop-offs & 50m depths from Port MacDonnell have caught tuna & kingfish on hard-body lures where the steel hook is set independently to the trace & lure. KG whiting, flathead & salmon trout are off South End & mullet can be caught from the town drain (Lake George exit) on the road running into Beachport. Jetty fishing has a mix of squid, tommy ruffas & mullet - again with a few gar at Kingston & Robe. Surf-fishing along the Coorong has salmon off Mike's Point, Salt Creek & the 32 Mile Crossing. Fishing the mouth of the Glenelg river on the border of Mexico has mulloway & mullet in the gutters on the south-eastern side of the main water flows. Estuary perch & school mulloway can be caught from Donovan's. Tight Lines!

FLEURIEU/SOUTH COAST 1. Goolwa: the fishing action has slowed along the Coorong and river mouth in recent days with only a few mulloway reported taking hard body lures, with the odd mullet and salmon trout as well. Sugars beach again has proved popular with shore based anglers trying for salmon trout and mullet. The Tauwitchere Barrage has mullet and undersized mulloway. Cockle gathering continues unabated. 2. Victor Harbor: plenty of boats, both big and small have been targetting the southern bluefin tuna as reports of these great fish schooling in close to the shore continue. Snapper and garfish have been the other main reports, along with squid at The Bluff. KG whiting have been patchy, but we should be seeing catches improve as March approaches. 3. Waitpinga/Parsons: a few salmon and mullet have been the main catches for shore based fishers, but finding the exact gutter the fish are hiding in is a constant challenge! Offshore has an occasional boat crew chasing tuna, snapper and red nannys. 4. Cape Jervis/Rapid Bay: garfish, squid and tommy ruffs have been caught from the jetties, while boats out off the Cape reported squid, flathead, snook and ruffs. Tuna, small kingies and rugger snapper are also offshore. 5. Wirrina: schools of gar and salmon trout are in the waters out from the local marina as local boats caught bag limits before the rain on Sunday. Local jetties have ruffs and squid, while snapper up to 4 kilos have come in from Aldinga, Sellicks and Myponga. Tight Lines!

MARCH SEAFOOD RECIPE - BBQ SEAFOOD WITH A THAI MARINADE Ingredients: 2 chopped squid, fish pieces, scallops, garlic, crushed ginger, chillies, lemongrass, lime juice, soy sauce & fish sauce. Preparation: for the marinade combine garlic, crushed ginger, chillies, lemongrass, lime juice, fish sauce in a container & immerse seafood overnight. Heat hotplate to very high, drain seafood & spread evenly. Cook with the odd stir for 3-4mins only. Serve with bowls of hot, sticky rice & a glass of Traminer Riesling! Yum, Plurry, Yum....Bon Appetit!

EYRE PENINSULA + SPENCER GULF Blue crabs, flathead, gar & tommies can be caught from Smoky Bay, while the jetty here & at Streaky Bay have tommies, squid & garfish. Off-shore islands have tuna, red nannys & kingfish, with some stand-out fishing sessions happening west of Waldegrave & Greenly Islands. Olive Island & the Dashwood Channel hold snapper, trevalley & big KG whiting respectively. Inside Coffin Bay boat crews are catching tommies, squid, snook & garfish. Nadia Landing & Davenport Creek have blueys, garfish & snook & the Far West Coast beaches have snook, big tommies (especially at Fowler's Bay jetty), strongies, mulloway & salmon up to 3 kilograms! Claire Bay also has some good salmon & mullet catches at the moment. Kingfish are running from Point Lowly & then across the Gulf towards Pt Pirie & then on to the Steamer Channel out from Pt Hughes, with many fish in that nice 4-5 kilo range. Blueys, garfish, snook & snapper have been the other main reports from Whyalla through to Cowell, with several beaches (Germein Point, Cowled's Landing etc) holding yellowfin whiting & flathead. KG whiting catches are improving off Port Neill & Louth Bay, with fish around the 33cm mark common. Good fish are also in Proper Bay & off Reevesby Island. Kingfish, red nannys & trevalley have been caught by Charter Boat crews at the back of Williams Island. Venus Bay has salmon trout, mullet, gar & squid, while local surf beaches at Talia, Lock's Well & Sheringa have salmon from trouts up to 2 kgs! The grounds at Baird's Bay & Acraman Creek have mullet & yellowfin whiting in-shore & kg whiting, garfish & tommies in waters over 8metres. Tight Lines!