Greg James
Fishing Reports and Hotspots

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AT A GLANCE! METRO: Try Outer Harbour channel for snapper, while gar & ruffs can be caught from St Kilda, Nth Haven & West Beach. SOUTH EAST: KGW to 54cm at Kingston & Nora Creina Bay, gar & tommies at Beachport & South End. Crays at Robe & Little Dip. Tuna from Pt MacDonnell. YORKES: KG whiting from Steamer Channel (Port Hughes) & Balgowan. Garfish at Marion Bay & Rocky Gully. Blueys at Tickera & Port Vincent. WEST COAST: Big tommies & KG whiting at Venus & Coffin Bays, yellowfin whiting & salmon trout from Acramans Creek. Snapper from Yalata & Dashwood Channels. FLEURIEU: Tuna from the Ferris Bank, gar from Victor Harbor, Red nannys & snapper from Backstairs Passage. Gar from Lady Bay & Myponga!.

JANUARY 2018!!

METRO WATERS - NEW GPS CONVERSION TOOLS & STATE MARKS! I have just uploaded a couple of FREE Conversion Tools & GPS marks into the members' section of Greg James Fishing! Some really decent sand-crabs have been caught from quite a few metro beaches (along local blue-lines) in recent days (courtesy PIRSA Fisheries/Aquaculture), so have the crabnets ready for a quick fish when you are next heading out! Female blue crabs are still loaded with eggs as their breeding season is in full swing & the number of ESL fishers who keep these & undersize blueys from local jetties continues to amaze me! Females carrying eggs/berries should be returned to the water immediately, as with ALL undersize crabs! It's bullshit that this is allowed to continue! Gar, tommies, lotsa puffers & snook can be caught at West Beach, Grange, Glenelg (tyre reef) & Marino, while blueys are steady from Largs, Semaphore, North Haven & St Kilda! The Port Noarlunga jetty has garfish & salmon trout, while the Onkaparinga River has mulloway at The Point after dark & bream closer to the river mouth itself. Seacliff & Marino Rocks have gar, tommies & a few squid - after the massive over-fishing there by commercial 'fishers' only a few weeks ago. Local metro jetties have produced squid, blueys & ruffs with the best tip being gents & a steady berley trail for the best results. Snapper are off southern metro waters with The Pipes & the artificial reef (pse email me if you would like these marks), but you have to be fishing well before dawn with berley, fresh bait & light gear. Further north snapper reports have been ok, with Gus Shoal, Long Spit & the Star wreck holding fish up to 5 kilos. Please respect the spatial closure ruling out from Ardrossan & in northern Spencer Gulf. I have had an unconfirmed report of tommies in decent schools off Hallett Cove, so these great little fresh-eating fish should also be at the Horseshoe Reef (Christies Beach) & even off the breakwater at the O'Sullivan's Beach boat-ramp. If you can get a sheltered spot in the Port River, then bream & salmon trout are in reasonable numbers along the main channel that runs into the Small Boat Owners 'marina'. Bream like underwater structure & green prawns are always a good bait. West Beach anglers have been catching reasonably steady numbers of garfish, small ruffs & squid, with local shore-based fishing producing yellowfin whiting, salmon trout & small garfish - but you need to be on your spot at places like Tennyson/The Broadway by 0300am to beat the Crusty Old Anglers Crew! Bloodworms are working well as bait for these anglers. Tight Lines!

YORKE PENINSULA Check out full Yorke Peninsula details from my column in the Yorke Peninsula Country Times ( each & every week! Wallaroo: We enjoyed some decent early morning fishing conditions last week - as I drove to work there was a steady number of people fishing from the jetty and plenty of trailers at the boat-ramp! The prawn trawlers went out for a last run before the Festive Season, so there should be plenty of freshly caught seafood around. Boat crews caught rugger snapper after the season re-opened, but not many fish weighed in over 3 kilos, garfish and tommies from Point Riley and Myponie Point. Blueys have slowed but patience (and an accurate crab measure) at the jetty can be a good thing. Moonta Bay/Port Hughes: Steamer channel is holding small kingfish and rugger snapper, while there are some really nice garfish at West Light and the Tiparra Reef. Both jetties have blueys and small tommies. KG whiting catches have come from Cape Elizabeth, along with gar, snook and flathead. Point Turton: Garfish, small squid and tommies have been caught north from Port Rickaby, The Sheds at Mindlacowie and west just past Leven's beach. Corny Point has a few snapper, gar & yellowfin whiting from local beaches on the high tide. KG whiting and gar along local beaches at the blue-line on a high tide. The jetty has a few gar. Marion and Stenhouse Bays: Both jetties have a mix of fish, including ruffs, gar, salmon trout and flathead. Boats fishing out near Wedge Island caught massive tommies, red nannys, trevalley and KG whiting. Local shore-based anglers have reported salmon trout from Brown's beach, The Dust Hole and Daly Head. Edithburgh: Boat crews who made the trip down past Marion Reef on Saturday caught blue morwong, rugger snapper and green macks from the Troubridge Lighthouse grounds - and then picked up a few big snook on their way home. Tapley Shoals has snapper to 5 kilograms, a few big KG whiting and gurnards. Garfish and tommies can be caught from Port Giles and Coobowie. Stansbury/Port Vincent: Local jetty fishing in this neck of the woods is seasonally quiet, but there are a few blueys after dusk at Stansbury. Boat crews reported a few KG whiting, snook and garfish. Ardrossan: School mulloway have made their way up the Gulf and can be caught from the end of the jetty, again after darkness falls. Blueys, garfish and snook are the main reports for boats, while small schools of salmon trout are at Price and Black Point. Tight Lines!

SOUTH EAST Rock Lobster catches for the lower South East have improved (but you must have a PIRSA licence/permit to register gear) with some decent results at Beachport, South End & Little Dip. The upper reaches of the Coorong north of Salt Creek & the 32 Mile Crossing have mulloway & some very decent salmon (up to 3 kilos). The 42 Mile Crossing & The Granites also hold a few fish. Boats fishing Kingston to Robe are catching snapper, trevalley, sweep, kg whiting, tommies & garfish, with a couple of flathead out from the grounds near Boatswain's Point. Big squid & ruffs can be caught from Port MacDonnell & Beachport jetties & there are 34-36cm kg whiting in & around the moorings just east of the Beachport jetty as well. A big thx to a member from Greg James Fishing for his nice report of 53cm kg whiting from Cape Jaffa & the fact the Kingston boat-ramp has been closed - so maybe check before you go! Nora Creina Bay has gar & mullet, Poorman's Beach has sweep, salmon trout & big flathead from the surfer's beach out from the proposed Golf Course! South at the Victorian/SA Border at the Glenelg river we have mulloway at the local Brown's Beach/Bay gutters, Donovans & the river mouth. Bream, big mullet & estuary perch are also upstream from the 3rd Marker. Tight Lines!

FLEURIEU/SOUTH COAST + A SECOND SURPRISE SEAFOOD RECIPE! LADY BAY GARFISH WITH SEASONAL VEGETABLES!:Ingredients: 8 fresh garfish fillets, wholemeal plain flour, milk, green beans, asparagus spears, 6 pink eye potatoes, 2 sweet potatoes. Preparation: Dip the gar fillets in milk then coat with the wholemeal plain flour and set aside. Steam some sliced green beans and asparagus spears to aldente and make your 'mixed mash' of potatoes. Cook the gar lightly in a hot pan with a knob of butter to brown. Serve gar across the bed of mash with the green vegetables and a cold glass of late-picked SA Riesling! Goolwa: school mulloway are south of the river mouth and over at Tauwitchere Point, with bigger fish up to 20 kilos coming from the northern reaches of the Coorong. As reported last week, yabbies are at Mannum, while mullet are along the southern banks of the river mouth. Sugars beach is worth a try for night-time mulloway, mullet and salmon trout. Victor Harbor: snapper reports since the Dec 15 re-opening have been mixed, with ruggers caught off-shore from Encounter Bay and Chiton Rocks. Squid, garfish and scattered KG whiting have been the other main reports from boats, while jetty anglers are catching tommies, squid, garfish and salmon trout. Waitpinga-Cape Jervis: salmon trout are still schooling in Backstairs Passage and continuing their migratory run at both Parsons & Waitpinga, while Cape Jervis jetty (I did have a recent report that some/part/all of the jetty has been closed for repairs??) has tommies, squid and trevalley. Boat crews are reporting flathead of various sizes, snapper, red nannys, sweep and KG whiting. Rapid Bay-Wirrina: nice tommies and some decent squid have come from the grounds off Wirrina and Myponga last week, straight after the south easterlies dropped back. Local jetty fishing has a mix of ruffs, squid, garfish and mullet. Tight Lines!

KANGAROO ISLAND If you are lucky enough to be heading to this magic place, here's a quick reference on some local Island Hotspots: Penneshaw - yellowfin whiting, flathead, gar, sand crabs. Antechamber Bay - big KG whiting, snook, gar, tommies, flathead. Vivonne Bay - shorebased fishing for sweep, salmon trout, mullet, toomies, squid. Stokes Bay - KG whiting, red nannys, squid. Kingscote - KG whiting, gar, tommies, sand crabs, flathead, mullet. Pennington Bay - salmon, flathead, tommies, sweep, tailor, mulloway. Snellings Beach (4WD) - KG whiting, flathead, trevalley, snapper. Tight Lines!

UPPER SPENCER GULF + WEST COAST I finally got my outboard working in early Jan, & the number of boats between Point Riley to Port Davis had to be seen to be believed (!) all trying for catches of kingfish, snapper, blueys & gar out from here, Port Broughton & Myponie Point. Port Pirie anglers have flathead, garfish & blueys PLUS plenty of the infamous & dreaded 'Fishe de shite' - aka trumpeters. These little bastards are a delicacy in Tassie - can you believe it!!? Snapper & Kingies have been caught from The Rip at Point Lowly, while gar, blueys & squid can be caught from Cockle Spit & Blanche Harbour. Port Augusta anglers are reporting kingfish, rugger snapper, blueys & garfish! Snook, gar & yellowfin whiting are in the false entrance to Franklin Harbour, while two (2) mates of mine spent last week sailing & fishing off Reevesby Island - these lucky chasps caught squid, massif kg whiting & salmon trout - nice work if you can get it! Spalding Cove & Proper Bay have tommies, medium kg whiting, garfish & a few squid, while around at Coffin Bay we have kingies off Longnose Point, garfish, ruffas & flathead inside the Bay. Salmon trouts are at Venus Bay, Sheringa & Talia beaches. Flathead, gar & tommies can be caught from Smoky Bay, while the jetty here & at Streaky Bay have tommies, squid & garfish. Davenport Creek west of Ceduna has blueys, garfish & snook & the Far West Coast beaches have snook, big tommies (especially at Fowler's Bay jetty), strongies, mulloway & salmon up to 3 kilograms! Tight Lines!