Greg James
Fishing Reports and Hotspots

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  1. METRO: KG whiting at first light from St Kilda, West Beach & Brighton, along with squid & a few blueys. Mulloway & salmon trout in the Port River. Salmon trout also south off Christies Beach & Pt Noarlunga. Gar from Semaphore & Largs Bay. West Beach boatramp remains closed UFN.
  2. FLEURIEU/RIVERLAND/FRESHWATER: Squid again from Wirrina & Lady Bay with big tommies also off Victor. Yellowfin whiting at Silver Sands/Sellicks. Callop & redfin from Berri to Renmark. Golden & Silver perch from Beetaloo res.
  3. YORKE PEN: Blueys from Pt Vincent & Black Point., KG whiting at Pt Vic, Pt Hughes, Pt Victoria & Wallaroo. Big squid reports continue at Stenhouse & Marion Bay jetties.
  4. SOUTH EAST/COORONG: Mulloway at Lurline Point & Beachport. Salmon from Beachport & Little Dip. Garfish & squid at Pt MacDonnell jetty.
  5. SPENCER GULF/WEST COAST: Blueys & gar from Pt Augusta, Whyalla & Cowell. Salmon from the beach at Fowler's Bay, Elliston & Pt Brown.
  6. KANGAROO ISLAND: Emu Bay & Cape Cassini have whiting, flathead & squid.

OCT 29 - NOV 10, 2021

STORIES OF US - AUST MILITARY HISTORY THIS WEEK! BE-ER SHEVA. Never heard of it you might say. Well, what if I said BEERSHEBA? This is certainly known in the annals of Aust Military History - & rightly so. World War 1, late Oct 1917 & the Aust Light Horse (4th & 12th Brigades) charges to a victory that is now one of my favourite parts of our Country's wartime history. BE-ER SHEVA is the Hebrew name for a small place in Palestine - read the incredible story here: LEST WE FORGET.

AHOI THERE CAPN! Catch my two weekly Radio Fishing Segments on ABC Adelaide (891 with David Bevan) & ABC North & West (639/1485 with Chook Harslett) radio every Friday/Sat at 10.20am & 07.20am respectively. Freecall 1300222891 or SMS 0467922891. Love to hear from you! FISHING VIDS with close to 400K (THAT'S 400,000!) views on Youtube, and still going strong! A massif thx to Seany Sean Lahiff ( & Mrs James.

METRO WATERS As I mentioned on ABC Adelaide (891) last Friday with David Bevan, the West Beach boatramp is closed until Dec 2021. KG whiting catches from St Kilda & Pt Gawler/Long Spit have been good but you need to be on the water fishing with the early tide movement. Decent sized squid & blue swimmer crabs have made an appearance off the northern Metro coast (Semaphore, Largs Bay, Nth Haven), but check the weight of the blueys - some are light & hold little or no meat. Chuck ém back for another day! Some good sized garfish & tommies are schooling just south of Christies Beach Horeshoe Reef & salmon trouts can be caught trolling the back of the breakers along Southport. KG whiting are much further north with fish to 33cm off Brighton, Glenelg, Grange, West Beach & Semaphore. Again squid are at St Kilda, Nth Haven & Middle Beach as they cruise into the shallows for breeding season. Those blue swimmer crabs have been sighted at Wonga Shoal & in the broken ground out from the St Kilda shipping channel. Jetty-based anglers can catch a feed of ruffs & squid from Pt Noarlunga, Brighton, Grange & Semaphore after dusk. Yellowfin whiting are also around Middle Beach & then south at Tennyson. Squid & gar can also be caught from the Pt Noarlunga jetty while bream & mullet are in the Port River.

FLEURIEU/UPPER COORONG/RIVERLAND Goolwa/Upper Coorong/Riverland: early season mulloway catches dropped back a tad last week as generally inclement weather limited fishing opportunities around the South Coast. Mulloway are in the surf at Goolwa and then down around Salt Creek but are yet to really fire up as the on-again, off-again Spring season advances. A few mullet can still be landed at Sugars beach and along parts of the Scab channel with salmon trout around half kilo inside the river mouth and off the southern shores around Middleton and Chiton Rocks. Nildottie and Walker Flat have callop, redfin perch and a few yabbies as the water flows continue to run strongly. Victor Harbor: some nice squid were reported from The Bluff and Screwpile jetties last week, especially as the winds dropped back and the water cleared. The small jetty at Port Elliott also has a few big night-time squid. Rat Kingfish in small schools have been chasing garfish inside Encounter Bay after dusk. KG whiting catches are hit and miss with fish around the 35cm mark coming in from Broady's Patch and off the back of West Island. Tommies and gar can also be caught from The Bluff. Waitpinga/Cape Jervis: crackingly good-sized squid and tommy ruffs were reported from Cape Jervis jetty over the weekend which at least made up in part for last week's drought. Whiting, sweep, squid and snook are off Starfish Hill and in Backstairs Passage when the weather permits. Salmon catches from both Parson's and Waitpinga beaches are a little on the slow side, but shore-based anglers prepared to work gutters away from the surf should be able to land fish or three. Rapid Bay/Wirrina/Aldinga Beach: A cold on-shore sea-breeze from the south west greeted me when I checked conditions on Saturday morning at Aldinga and Sellicks beaches. There is some weed in the water around Sellicks but further south it is not quite as bad. Rapid Bay jetty has trevalley in the late afternoons but they are generally cruising by and not in a feeding mood. Tommies and squid are also here and down at Second Valley jetty. Boat crews continue to make runs for just under bag limits of KG whiting, squid and tommy ruffs at Wirrina and Myponga beach.

LOWER COORONG/SOUTH EAST If you are heading on to the Coorong in the next week or so, you might want to put your 4WD in low range as the sand is wet & soft - remember to always park your vehicle on the high side of the beach & facing towards to ocean for a quick getaway! Salt Creek & the 32 Mile Crossing have mulloway & salmon up to 2 kilos with smaller fish running at The Granites. Flathead, squid, nice KG whiting & tommy ruffs can be caught from Kingston & Robe, with the Robe boat marina also worth a fish for bream & mullet. The jetties have ruffs, mullet & squid at night. Boat crews fishing in the north-western part of Nora Creina Bay caught gar & a couple of big brown-eyed mullet as they sheltered from the stormy weather last week & a few mullet & mulloway around in Stinky Beach & Lurline nudie point. Beachport & Pt MacDonnell jetties hold tommies, squid & mullet among the boat moorongs & the anglers who managed the very occasional launch from Pt Mac chased tuna, red nannys, sweep & KG whiting. Some nice flathead & salmon trout are around the beaches at Little Dip & Poormans. Carpenter Rocks also has gar & salmon from the northern end rocks.

YORKE PENINSULA Wallaroo: Boat crews are fishing for KG whiting from Point Riley, the Boiler grounds and Bird Reef. Several crews were also running berley trails south of the jetty seeking gar, blue crabs and tommies. Gar and snook are also out from Tickera and The Magazine. Jetty fishing has been quiet. Moonta Bay/Port Hughes: Good catches of KG whiting continue from Coopers, Cape Elizabeth and the grounds just west of Tiparra Reef. Gar and squid are in the bay with a few small blueys, while the jetties have ruffs and squid. Point Turton: KG whiting are in the bay for the canny boat crews who drift their boats here and the broken grounds out from Point Souttar and all the way down to The Pines. Gar are again up around Chinamen Wells and Port Rickaby with jetty fishing producing after dusk tommies and not much else. Marion and Stenhouse Bays: Big donkey-head squid are off both jetties at the moment. Boat anglers are fishing for whiting, flathead, red nannys, sweep, flathead and snook. Edithburgh: I enjoyed a catch of medium-sized tommies when I checked in here in the early part of last week, but this particular jetty has its secret spots as a couple of KG whiting were landed from the north-east end! Boat crews are fishing for whiting, snook and gar from Troubridge Point, Marion Reef and Sultana Point/Wattle Bay. Ardrossan/Black Point: Blue swimmer crabs have started a decent run here and south to Black Point as tides improved in the latter part of the week. Whiting are off Tiddy Widdy beach and just south of Windarra Reef while shore-based anglers are trying for yellowfin whiting from the Pine Point wharf.

KANGAROO ISLAND Crews fishing the grounds out in the Bay of Shoals & Nepean Bay (Kingscote) have been enjoying good catches of KG whiting, squid & tommy ruffs. Nice ruffs are also at the Kingscote jetty with a good berley trail making the difference. Red beak garfish are along the shallow blue-line at Emu Bay & Snelling Beach. Big snook, flathead & squid are also in the mix off Emu Bay & I had an unconfirmed report of tuna to 14 kilos making a welcome run here last week also. Mullet, salmon trout & tommies are over at American River & Antechamber Bay.


UPPER SPENCER GULF/WEST COAST Salmon to 2 kilos are at Gunyah, Almonta & Talia beaches around Elliston at the moment. Blue crabs have started around Smoky Bay & Ceduna, along with squid & garfish. Mulloway & small salmon to 1 kilo are at Claire and Fowler's Bays (along with mullet & snook) as the swells dropped back and winds turned north to westerly. Good catches of KG whiting have been enjoyed out from Pt Davis, Pt Pirie & across the Gulf to Point Patterson, Whyalla & Cowled's Landing. Inside Venus & Coffin Bays there's a mix for fish off the beach such as mullet, salmon trouts, tommies & flathead. Longnose Point also has sweep & drummer taking baits in the late evenings. KG whiting, squid & flathead of various sizes are at Pt Lincoln, Buffalo Reef, Louth Bay, Pt Neill & Tumby Bay grounds, while smaller whiting to 34cm are around the false entrance to Franklin Harbour, Murninnie Point & the Leeton Tug drops well south of Whyalla. Further west the Dashwood channel has hit & miss KG whiting to 35cm, with better fish coming from St Peters Is off Thevenard. Tight Lines!