Greg James
Fishing Reports and Hotspots

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SA FISHING SNAPSHOT: COVID 19 restrictions are due to be lifted after 12 midnight Tue - pse comply.

  1. METRO: squid & whiting off Brighton, Hallett Cove & Seaford beach. Flathead & whiting from St Kilda & Nth Haven. Mullet & salmon trout from Tennyson, The Pat & Southport.
  2. FLEURIEU/RIVERLAND/FRESHWATER: salmon trout & mullet at Goolwa, Newland Heads & Waitpinga beach., squid from Lady Bay & Myponga. Callop from Cadell, Nildottie & Walker Flat. Redfin & callop at Beetaloo & Warren res.
  3. YORKE PEN: KG whiting from Ardrossan, Port Vincent & Pt Victoria, squid at Pt Hughes & Wallaroo, ruffs from Edithburgh & Moonta Bay jetties.
  4. SOUTH EAST/COORONG: flathead & whiting from Kingston, Carpenter Rocks & Port Mac., Mullet & salmon trout from Canunda & Salt Creek.
  5. SPENCER GULF/WEST COAST: KG whiting from Ceduna, Streaky & Venus Bays. good salmon from the beach at Talia, Locks Well & Elliston.
  6. KANGAROO ISLAND: squid, KG whiting & tommy ruffs at Kingscote & American River.

JULY 24-31, 2021

THIS WEEK IN OUR MILITARY HISTORY This week of July 1916 marks the start of one of Australia's most famous military campaigns in The Battle of Pozieres during World War 1. Names & places such as the Western Front, The Somme & Mouquet Farm are forever etched in Our Nation's proud history. We incurred over 12000 casualties in just 2 weeks! Lieutenant A.S. Blackburn (later to become Brigadier - a remarkable man & soldier) of Woodville SA won the Victoria Cross on day 2 of the battle.......NEVER FORGET.

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METRO WATERS Tonight's rain and strong south-westerly winds forecast should improve conditions for KG whiting fishing - from the boat, jetty & shore - but always put safety first & double-check the marine weather forecast! The local blue-line is a good place to start if going & when the water is discoloured and stirred up. Always use a rig with the bottom hook well below the sinker with fresh bait to maximise your chances of a SA Winter tinga! St Kilda, Gus Shoal, Star wreck & Port Praham grounds are all holding fish on the northern end of the Metro coast, while down south the drops off Brighton, West Beach, Marino & Seacliff have fish to 37cm at times. The Pat & Port River have mullet & bream, while the jetties at Brighton & Pt Noarlunga have mullet & salmon trout, along with a couple of donkey squid when the water clears. Tommies are also here & off the O'Sullivan's beach breakwater. Shore-based anglers have mullet & salmon trout at Seaford, Moana & Christies beach & the possibility of a school-sized mulloway at the mouth of the Onkaparinga River. Some big snook have been caught off Middle Beach & north towards Light beach. Tight Lines!

FLEURIEU/UPPER COORONG/RIVERLAND Goolwa/Upper Coorong/Riverland/Freshwater: Heavy rain at times, cold northerly winds and some big ocean swells cracked in along the South Coast last week and it wasn't until Sunday morning when the weather conditions allowed for anglers to target salmon trout, mullet and school mulloway from Goolwa river mouth, Scab channel and up at the Tauwitchere Barrage. Salmon to 1 kilo have been the main reports from Salt Creek and the 32 Mile Crossing until huge on-shore swells arrived late on Thursday. Upstream boaties caught callop from Cadell and redfin perch from the river banks at Renmark. Reservoir fishing has been a popular school holidays past-time with callop and redfin from Beetaloo and Myponga reservoirs at times. Victor Harbor: a few brave and hardy anglers tried for sweep, tommies, rock cod and squid at The Bluff jetty last week and shore-based fishers also chased mullet from the bay itself. Offshore trips were few and far between but catches of KG whiting, squid, big Winter red-beak garfish and tommy ruffs should be there as conditions allow. Local creeks are well worth a try for bream and flathead on the high tides. Waitpinga Beach/Cape Jervis/Wirrina: seemingly perfect salmon fishing conditions greeted anglers on the calmer Sunday morning last week with large swells, surges and deep gutters at Waitpinga beach. Fish to about 1 kilo were common but weed in the surf can be a problem. Fisheries beach has mullet and salmon trout. Jetty fishing has tommies, mullet and an occasional squid at Cape Jervis, Rapid Bay and Normanville. Boat crews were reporting whiting, gar, squid and tommies from several in-shore drops at Wirrina and Myponga beach.

LOWER COORONG/SOUTH EAST Shore-based fishing from Salt Creek & The Granites has salmon, shark & an occasional mulloway. The main surf beach just south of the 42 Mile Crossing also holds salmon from trouts to 2 kilos on baits of fresh fish strips & pilchards. Boat crews have caught crays (you will need a PIRSA licence to register craypots in SA), garfish, flathead & whiting from Robe, Kingston, Carpenter Rocks & the bay at South End. Sweep & crayfish can be found around the Beachport bommies (uplifted reef) that run just south of the jetty & then north all the way north to Nora Creina Bay, Robe & Long Beach. Gar & big mullet are also at Nora Creina & Little Dip, along with a couple of flathead at the Little Dip Salmon Hole. Pt MacDonnell jetty has squid, nice tommies & gar, while up at Wright Bay & Boatswain's Point there is salmon trout & flathead from the local beaches & whiting offshore for boats. Tuna reports are sketchy as strong southerlies persist & keep many boats on the ramp or taking a quick run out when conditions permit. Crews when lucky are reporting tuna up to 30 kilos plus big mackerals & kingfish.

YORKE PENINSULA Wallaroo: Limited opportunities for fishing was the story for much of the last week of the school holidays as strong, galeforce winds, swells and rain cracked in along the coast. Whiting in the northern end of the bay and salmon from Bird reef for boaties, while jetty anglers are trying for tommies, squid and salmon trout near the old swimming pool enclosure/structure. Moonta Bay/Port Hughes: Try the jetties after the rain for garfish, squid and tommy ruffs. Boat anglers are planning trips to Steamer channel for kingies, whiting and flathead. Local beaches hold flathead, salmon trout and mullet. Point Turton: A few hardy souls fished early Sunday as calmer conditions prevailed across Hardwicke Bay for whiting, squid, mullet and tommies. Large whiting have come from The Pines and Corny Point and the jetty has ruffs and the odd squid. Stenhouse and Marion Bays: Some big ocean swells swept along this part of the coast when I checked from the shore on Sunday morning. Local crews when they manage a launch are catching snook, squid, KG whiting and red nannys. Jetty fishing has ruffs and squid at Stenhouse Bay and mullet from Marion Bay. Edithburgh: Nice tommies came from the jetty here on Saturday evening but it was wet work to say the least! Snook and a few whiting from Marion Reef and Tapley Shoals are the reports for boaties. Ardrossan: KG whiting again are the main targeted species along the broken line from Pine Point to Ardrossan and around the old north-east artificial reef. Gus Shoal also hold whiting and red mullet, while the jetty has mullet and an occasional squid.

KANGAROO ISLAND KG whiting, flathead, squid & tommy ruffs are the main catches from Nepean Bay & across to American River. The Bay of Shoals grounds have red-beak gar, whiting & squid & there are some nice sized salmon trout off the southern end of the bay entrance. Kingscote jetty has squid, salmon trout, mullet, tommies & garfish. The Kingscote channel has fished well at times for KG whiting, flathead, squid & big red mullet. On the north coast Snelling beach has salmon, mullet & flathead, while Emu Bay has snook, flathead, KG whiting, squid & red mullet also.

JULY SEAFOOD RECIPE: SPICY FISH CURRY: Ingredients: 400ml coconut milk, half kilo white fish fillets, third cup Malaysian curry paste, cup diced potato/pumpkin pieces Preparation: In a large saucepan add curry paste and stir on medium heat for 30secs., add pumpkin and potato and stir to cover ingredients. Add coconut milk and simmer mix for 20mins covered. Add fish pieces and cook for a further 3-5mins. Serve in bowls with sticky rice or couscous and a glass of cold Riesling!

UPPER SPENCER GULF/WEST COAST Some cracking salmon to 4 kilos have come from the Far West Coast (Fowler's Bay, Point Sinclair, Claire Bay) & there are some mulloway in there with them, plus snook, mullet & good-sized flathead off the shelf at Fowler's. KG whiting catches are off Ceduna, Bosanquet Bay (Thevenard) & St Peter's Island then down to the Dashwood Channel & the grounds out from Haslam. Sheringa, Lock's Well & Talia Landing have salmon to 2 kilos & there are nice squid inside Venus Bay at the moment. Coffin Bay has whiting, squid, red mullet & flathead around the reefs at Longnose Point. Spencer Gulf has Rat Kingies at Arno Bay & Port Neill, KG whiting at Tumby Bay & Murnninie Point/Cowell. Steady catches of whiting are coming from Whyalla & Pt Pirie - but pse remember the lead poisoning closure at Pirie. Tight Lines!