Greg James
Fishing Reports and Hotspots

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THIS WEEK AT A GLANCE! METRO: KG whiting from St Kilda, Grange & Brighton. Gar, ruffs & squid from Glenelg, West Beach & Semaphore. Snapper are quiet. Ruffs & flathead at Nth Haven & AAMI grounds. YORKE PEN: Blueys from Myponie Pt. KG whiting & snapper at Steamer Channel. KG whiting from Port Vic. Snapper from Tapley Shoals. FLEURIEU PEN: Salmon trout & mulloway from River Mouth & Sugars Beach. Mullet at Tauwitchere Barrage. Salmon from Waits. Gar & squid at Rapid Bay. WEST COAST: Mullies & salmon from Fowler's Bay, Snapper at Streaky Bay & Longnose Point. Gar & KG whiting off Tumby Bay. Blueys & snook at Cowell & Whyalla. SOUTH EAST: Upper Coorong has salmon trout. Gar & squid at Kingston, Snapper from Robe. KG whiting at Carpeneter's Rocks.

OCTOBER , 2018

METRO WATERS KG whiting catches are steady from the grounds between Brighton & West Beach, but try to aim to fish in the hour either side of the change in tide for better results. Blueys have been caught well north of St Kilda in water over 10 metres, while gar, KG whiting, flathead and squid have been the other main reports from Nth Haven through to the Outer Harbour grounds. I would start chasing blueys out from Middle Beach & Port Gawler at this early stage of the season - & check their weight - there is nothing worse than taking home a feed of nice blueys & finding the bastards empty of meat!! Garfish, tommies and squid can be caught in the late afternoons off Seacliff & Marino, with gents & fresh cockle being baits of choice. Some decent sized flathead have also come from Hallett Cove & Marino. Snapper reports have been very 'hit & miss' with most fish coming from drops well south of Pt Noarlunga - esp Carrackalinga, Myponga & Sellicks/Aldinga. Pt Noarlunga jetty has squid, salmon trout & tommies after night, but you need that steady berley trail for the ruffs to stay interested. Brighton jetty has squid & tommies, while I did have an unconfirmed report this week of mulloway & bream in BOTH the Onkaparinga & Port Rivers. Salmon trout & some plump, big yellowfin whiting (up to 40cm - seen the photo to be sure!) are off Light Beach & the mangroves at Port Adelaide. Snook & garfish can also be caught around the Bastard Pole & St Kilda grounds. Tight Lines!

SOUTH COAST/FLEURIEU PENINSULA 1. Goolwa and fresh water: catches of callop continue along many stretches of the Murray, with those crews fishing the parallel shallows in the late afternoons doing well with fresh shrimp as bait. Mullet and salmon trout are at the Goolwa Barrage and there are some bigger fish at the river mouth itself. Sugars beach has mullet and again the Upper Coorong has mulloway and salmon to 2 kilos. 2. Victor Harbor: The Bluff wharf has squid and tommies and boat crews caught some nice red nannys, sweep, snapper and squid over the weekend, especially on Sunday. Local shore-based fishing at Port Elliott and Chiton Rocks/Middleton has a few mullet, small flathead and salmon trout. 3. Waitpinga/Parsons: fishing here has been a little on the quiet side in recent days, but for those anglers prepared to work the beach and its off-shore gutters there are salmon trout from time to time, with best bait being pilchard pieces. Deep Creek fishing from the rocks has an occasional salmon when schools run in close. 4. Cape Jervis: Sunday allowed several big boats to fish well out into Backstairs Passage and they found large KG whiting, snapper and flathead. American River fishing in particular has big squid & KG whiting on offer. Jetty fishing has squid and tommies at both Cape Jervis and Rapid Bay. 5. Wirrina: several good catches of KG whiting, garfish & squid came from the grounds just north of the Marina last week. Snapper can be caught from Myponga and Sellicks, while local jetties have a steady supply of tommies, squid and salmon trout along the sand line just off the beach. Tight Lines!

SOUTH EAST Tinnies fishing the Glenelg river (SA/Mexico border) have been catching school mulloway, salmon trout, bream & mullet from the river mouth itself right up to the main marker 3 kms upstream. Garfish can be caught from the rocks at Cape Northumberland, Livingstones beach, Carpenter Rocks & Nora Creina Bay. Salmon of various sizes are off the beach at Canundra & South End as well as bigger fish from Boatswain's Point & The Granites. KG whiting are at Cape Jaffa, Robe & Port MacDonnell, along with sweep, tommies, squid & rugger snapper. Most reports of tuna have dropped well back, but some big trevalley have come in from Carpenter Rocks in recent days. Kingston boat crews have had a mix of fishing results, with medium KG whiting, flathead, squid & garfish being the main reports. Shore-based anglers fishing the upper sections of The Coorong have been catching mulloway & salmon. Jetty-based fishing has squid & tommies from Kingston, bream & tommies from Robe, flathead & salmon trout from Beachport & squid at Port Mac. Tight Lines!

YORKE PENINSULA Port Broughton: A few early reports of blue crabs have come in from north of Shag Island. Snook, garfish and squid have been caught from several in-shore grounds, including the old artificial reef. The jetty has a few squid and salmon trout. Wallaroo: Squid are in the bay itself and at Point Riley and Tickera. Boat crews are catching gar, squid, a few medium sized King George whiting and tommies (Australian herring). Moonta Bay/Port Hughes: The Rose Garden and Simms Cove grounds held KG whiting over the weekend, with Sunday afternoon being the standout session for a fish. Steamer Channel has rugger snapper and Tiparra Reef has KG whiting, gar and squid. Point Turton: Salmon trout and mullet have been caught from the shore at Point Souttar on the high tide, along with a flathead or two. Boat fishing has been producing gar, KG whiting and squid from The Pines and snapper at Corny Point and around at Berry Bay.Marion Bay: A number of southern Yorke Peninsula beaches have good salmon catches with locations such as Brown's Beach, The Dust Hole and Pondalowie Bay (rocks) all doing well. Boat crews have been enjoying catches of red nannys, snapper, big KG whiting and squid. Edithburgh/Stansbury: Quite a few boats were launched from both Edithburgh and Stansbury over the weekend, with catches of snapper from Tapley Shoals and The Orontes Bank coming in along with KG whiting from Rocky Gully and squid out from Port Giles. Jetty fishing has a few tommies and squid. Ardrossan: A couple of nice catches of squid have come from Port Clinton and Ardrossan, in fact right down past Pavy Gully and Rogues Point. Other main catches have been KG whiting, garfish and tommy ruffs. Tight Lines!

SEPTEMBER SEAFOOD RECIPE: Little Dip garfish with seasonal vegetables. Ingredients: 8 fresh garfish fillets, wholemeal plain flour, milk, green beans, asparagus spears, 6 pink eye potatoes, 2 sweet potatoes. Preparation: Dip the gar fillets in milk then coat with the wholemeal plain flour and set aside. Steam some sliced green beans and asparagus spears to aldente and make your mixed mash of potatoes. Cook the gar lightly in a hot pan with a knob of butter to brown. Serve gar across the bed of mash with the green vegetables and a cold glass of late-picked SA Riesling! Bon Appetit!

EYRE PENINSULA + SPENCER GULF Several mates of mine have just returned from a trip to Pt Augusta where they landed kingfish (heaviest 11 kgs), a few blueys, salmon trout & garfish. Blueys & gar can also be caught from The Shacks & Blanche Harbour. KG whiting, squid, red mullet & garfish have all been caught from Streaky Bay around Haslam and Eba Rock/Island. Most reports of snapper catches in Spencer Gulf have come from the western side inc Whyalla, Cowell & Tumby Bay. Mullet & yellowfin whiting are at Port Neill, Louth Bay & Germein Point. KG whiting, flathead, gar & tommies can be caught from Smoky Bay, while the jetty here & at Streaky Bay have tommies, squid & garfish. Off-shore islands have tuna, red nannys & kingfish, with some stand-out fishing sessions continuing to happen at Waldegrave & Greenly Islands. Olive Island & the Dashwood Channel hold snapper, trevalley & big KG whiting respectively. Inside Longnose Point & Coffin Bay boat crews are catching tommies, squid, snook & garfish. Nadia Landing & Davenport Creek have yellowfin whiting, snook & muulet, while Far West Coast beaches have snook, big tommies (especially at Fowler's Bay jetty), strongies, mulloway & salmon up to 4 kilos! Claire Bay also has some good salmon & mullet catches at the moment. Kingfish are running from Point Lowly & then across the Gulf towards Pt Pirie & then on to the Steamer Channel out from Pt Hughes, with many fish in that nice 4-5 kilo range. KG whiting (although there are many undersize fish about, so care is needed), garfish, snook & snapper have been the other main reports from Whyalla through to Cowell, with several beaches (Germein Point, Cowled's Landing etc) holding mullet & flathead. KG whiting catches are improving off Port Neill & Louth Bay, with fish around the 33cm mark common. Good fish are also in Proper Bay & off Reevesby Island. Kingfish, red nannys & trevalley have been caught by Charter Boat crews at the back of Williams Island. The grounds at Baird's Bay & Acraman Creek have mullet & yellowfin whiting in-shore & kg whiting, garfish & tommies in waters over 8metres. Tight Lines!