Greg James
Fishing Reports and Hotspots

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THIS WEEK AT A GLANCE! 1. Metro waters: yellowfin whiting & mullet from Tennyson, Grange & Semaphore., squid, blueys & garfish at Brighton, Glenelg & St Kilda., mulloway along the Onkaparinga River & The Pat. 2. Fleurieu Pen & fresh water: gar at Normanville, 2nd Valley & Lady Bay., tommies at Cape Jervis., KG whiting from Wirrina., callop at Swan Reach, Lyrop & Morgan. 3. Yorke Pen: blueys & gar from Ardrossan & Port Vincent., kingfish from The Pines & Point Souttar., squid from Wallaroo & Pt Hughes. 4. West Coast: kingfish from Point Lowly., blueys & yellowfin whiting at Cowell., tuna offshore at Streaky Bay., mulloway from Fowler's Bay & local beaches. 5. South East: tuna offshore from Cape Northumberland., gar & sweep at Carpenter's Rocks., squid & mullet from Robe. 6. Kangaroo Island: tuna in Backstairs Passage., gar & KG whiting from Emu Bay., Kingscote jetty has gar, squid & ruffs.

DECEMBER 10-20, 2019

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METRO WATERS Squid, gar & blueys have been the main catches from the mid & northern sections of our Metro coast, weather permitting. The gar need a steady berley trail & the squid like a slow, drifting bait. The grounds off Brighton, Seacliff, Tennyson & West Beach are producing good early morning catches, while St Kilda, Nth Haven & Semaphore seem best in the 2-3 hours leading up to dusk. KG whiting reports have been very mixed, with Brighton, Glenelg & Grange being the pick of spots, but those crews going early seem to be having the better sized fish & less problems with Les Fishe de shite (aka trumpeters). Yellowfin whiting & blue crabs are steady on the high tides out from Light Beach, Webb beach, Chapman Creek & St Kilda, with bloodworms & soft cockle being the baits of choice for the whiting. Yellowfin whiting are also in the shallows at Tennyson & Grange. Snook & squid can be caught from the jetties at Pt Noarlunga & Brighton - while salmon trout are still in reasonably shallow water at the O'Sullivan's Beach breakwater. Yellowfin whiting are also at Triggs Beach & bream & small mullies are around the Onkaparinga River mouth. Small kingies are in amongst some aggressive salmon trout in the Port River around the Barker Inlet. Tight Lines!

SOUTH COAST/RIVERLAND 1. Goolwa and freshwater: mullet have been schooling around the river mouth and along the Mundoo channel, while small mulloway are migrating through various parts of the river system at Tauwitchere Point and down to the river mouth itself. Upper Coorong fishing has salmon, shark and school mulloway from the 32 Mile Crossing to Policeman's Point and Salt Creek. Callop, redfin perch and yabbies can be caught from Berri, Wellington and Lyrop. 2. Victor Harbor: the tuna season has kicked off over on our West Coast (a mate of mine caught fish just west of the Dashwood Channel at Streaky Bay), so sporadic early fish should start appearing along Sanders Bank and The Pages in coming days. I had an unconfirmed report that the boatramp at The Bluff is closed for maintenance for a couple of weeks. Gar, squid and flathead have been the main reports from last week. 3. Parson's/Waitpinga: salmon ranging from trouts to just over 1 kilo have come from both beaches in recent days, with mullet and flathead also in the mix at Fisheries and Morgan's beaches. Small bream are in and around several local creeks as well. 4. Cape Jervis/Rapid Bay: squid, flathead and sweep have been the main reports, along with baby leather jackets taking baits (a tip here is to cut back on the berley trail and run a phantom rig) as boat crews fish Backstairs Passage and the grounds north of Rapid Bay. KG whiting and small kingfish have been caught by bigger boats heading across the Passage towards Kangaroo Island. 5. Wirrina/Aldinga: squid can be caught from the marina breakwater. Boat anglers have caught KG whiting, gar and squid from here and Carrackalinga/Myponga as the afternoon sea breezes and tides run in. Yellowfin whiting are in the shallows at Sellicks and Aldinga beaches. Tight Lines!

SOUTH EAST Some decent catches of KG whiting, flathead & gar have come from Kingston & Robe, along with improving crays around Boatswain's Point & Nora Creina Bay. Salmon up to 2 kilos have been caught from Beachport surfer's beach & Canunda, while a couple of nice mulloway were landed from the Glenelg River on the SA/Mexico border last week. Bream & mullet are upstream at the Glenelg River & Stinky Beach has mullet off the back of the seaweed clumps just right of the 4WD access track on to Stinky from Nora Creina Bay. Flathead & salmon are also in the breakers at the Little Dip Salmon Hole. Boat crews are reporting tuna offshore from Port McDonnell & Beachport. Carpenter's Rocks has gar, flathead & sweep. Coorong Coast surf fishers are doing well on mulloway & salmon to 3 kilos from both the 32 & 42 Mile Crossings & Salt Creek. Tight Lines!

YORKE PENINSULA Wallaroo: A few blueys are north of Point Riley, along with gar, snook and squid when I was running in a new outboard here late last week. Try the jetty for tommies, squid and then the marina breakwater for yellowfin whiting and flathead. Port Hughes/Moonta Bay: KG whiting reports are patchy, but a few fish are in the deeper water drops at Cape Elizabeth. Gar, squid and ruffs are at West Light, while the jetties hold a few blue crabs, squid and gar. Point Turton: Boat crews have had to work hard to catch a feed in recent days with mixed results only. Gar from Mindlacowie, KG whiting at the Banks and Hardwicke Bay before dawn were the main reports. Salmon trout have schooled offshore at The Pines. Marion and Stenhouse Bays: The Marion Bay jetty has tommies and squid. Boat anglers have caught squid, flathead and KG whiting. Shore-based anglers have caught salmon from Brown's and Berry Bay. Edithburgh: The jetty has a few ruffs after dusk, but a steady berley trail is essential. Boat anglers are reporting blueys, gar, snook and squid from Coobowie, Marion Reef and Sultana Passage. Stansbury/Port Vincent: Rakers continue to catch blueys from The Hut to Port Vincent. A mate of mine fished the Stansbury jetty last weekend for little success. Ardrossan: The main reports for boats include garfish, snook, blue crabs and squid. Rakers are also doing well at Rogues Point, while the jetty has blueys and yellowfin whiting. Tight Lines!

KANGAROO ISLAND Kingscote has flathead, sand crabs, gar & squid, while the jetty has big ruffs, squid & leather jackets. American River has salmon trout from the beach & KG whiting, gar & ruffs for boat crews fishing early mornings. I saw a spotter aircraft checking out for signs of tuna north of Emu Cove during the week, while over at Snelling Beach there are flathead, red mullet & salmon trout.

CHRISTMAS SEAFOOD RECIPE Flamed crayfish baskets. Roughly chop the green meat from a Southern Rock Lobster & mix in a bowl with chilli, crushed garlic, diced Spanish onion & ground cayenne pepper. Heat a pan to high & bring some olive oil to sizzle point. Throw in the mix & cook on high for 2-3 mins, stirring often. Pour in a small quantity of scotch (single malt of course!) & ignite, moving the mix in the pan. Serve into some mini bamboo baskets with lime/lemon wedges, chopped lettuce & diced tomato, crusty home-made bread & a glass of sparkling pinot noir. Mele Kalikimaka!

WEST COAST/EYRE PENINSULA Some big, fat mulloway have been caught from several Far West Coast beaches inc. The Dog Fence, Fowler's Bay, Claire Bay & Point Sinclair. Salmon to 3 kilos are also running through these beaches, with smaller schhols further south at Talia, Sheringa, Convention and Lock's Well. Tuna are well offshore at Streaky Bay about the 10km mark, while KG whiting, flathead & small kingies are in the Dashwood Channel and at Smoky Bay. Blueys, gar & squid are at Ceduna, Smoky & Streaky Bays. Boat crews fishing Coffin Bay are reporting small kingies, gar, squid, KG whiting & flathead, while there are isolated pods of KG whiting in both Sleaford & Proper Bays. Squid & tommies are at the wharf in Pt Lincoln. The Spilsby Island group hold big gar, squid, KG whiting & trevalley, with small kingies also off Tumby Bay, along with flathead, KG whiting, gar & ruffs. Cowell has flathead, tommies, gar, blue crabs & big snook at the False Entrance to Franklin Harbour & off shore, just southwards of Germein Point. Squid, flathead & kingfish are in & around Point Lowly, the Whyalla foreshore & Blanche Harbour. Tight Lines!