Greg James
Fishing Reports and Hotspots

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  1. Metro waters: mullet & flathead from several local beaches inc. Seacliff, Brighton blue-line, Tennyson & Semaphore. Squid at Seacliff & Brighton. Garfish from St Kilda & Nth Haven.
  2. Fleurieu Pen & Riverland: tuna to 30 kilos offshore from Victor., gar & squid at Myponga & Second Valley. Yellowfin whiting & flathead from Pt Elliot. Callop & yabbies' at Nildottie & Swan Reach.
  3. Yorke Pen: mulloway from Pt Vic., KG whiting at Pt Turton, The Pines & Edithburgh. Blueys & squid from Ardrossan & Pt Vincent/Stansbury.
  4. South East & Coorong: gar & KG whiting from Kingston & Robe., salmon from Salt Creek & Little Dip. Mulloway at The Granites.
  5. West Coast: kingies at Point Lowly & Pt Augusta., blueys from Whyalla & Proper Bay. Salmon at Sheringa & Talia beaches. Blueys & squid at Smoky Bay.
  6. Kangaroo Is: small kingfish at Kingscote & Nepean Bay., KG whiting from Cygnet River., tuna offshore from American River.


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METRO WATERS SPECIAL GPS OFFER! Buy 1 copy of my latest GPS Marks of SA book & get the 2nd copy dead-set absolutely free! Check link to the right! Southern metro waters have had gar, squid & tommies from Christies Beach, Pt Noarlunga (inc the jetty), Moana & Seaford taking baits of gents, cockle & softened squid. The squid seem to prefer a drfiting bait or lure. Some nice flathead were caught by crews fishing The Pipes off O'Sullivan's Beach on Monday. Shore-based anglers are doing well on mullet from Seaford Surfer's Beach, the southeastern end of Moana & Sellicks at the right of the main car-access ramp - bloodworms are the bait of choise for these fish! West Beach boatramp is still a tad on the dodgy side when the tides are low, so you might need to time your run if Le Tinny is over 6 metres. Gar & squid are running at Marino, Seacliff & Brighton. Further north there are catches of blueys, snook, gar & squid to be had at Nth Haven, St Kilda & Middle Beach. KG whiting catches are intermittent, but size fish around the 37cm mark have been caught from Long Spit & north-west of St Kilda shipping channel. Salmon trout, mullet & school mulloway are still inside the Port River system & The Pat. Tight Lines!

SOUTH COAST/RIVERLAND 1. Goolwa, Upper Coorong and Riverland: several schools of salmon trout have greeted shore-based anglers inside the river mouth and further south at the 28 Mile and Tea Tree Crossings. Some large mulloway have also been caught at Salt Creek, while inside the lakes system there are mullet and school mulloway at Tauwitchere Barrage and the Mundoo Channel. Upstream there are callop and redfin perch at Cadell and Lyrop and yabbies' from Renmark and Berri. 2. Victor Harbor: Anglers enjoyed fishing from the rocks at Watson's Gap and reported mullet and salmon trout over the last week, while The Bluff jetty has big squid, tommies and garfish. Offshore crews chased tuna well south of Broady's Patch, KG whiting, snook, gar and squid. The breakwater also produced a few salmon trout. The Port Elliot jetty had a few tommies after dusk. 3. Parson's/Waitpinga beaches: small schools of salmon trout and the odd mullet were caught between Basham's beach and Waitpinga in recent days with bigger fish from the western end of Parson's as well. Shore-based anglers tried for overnight mulloway without much success. 4. Wirrina/Cape Jervis: early morning fishing produced results for boat crews launching from Wirrina and Cape Jervis with catches of KG whiting, gar, squid, tommies and snook. Flathead and squid have also been caught at Lady Bay, along with garfish and tommies at Second Valley. Local shore-based fishing has yellowfin whiting from Sellicks Beach and tommies from Rapid Bay jetty after dusk. Tight Lines!

SOUTH EAST The Upper Coorong surf casters are catching school mulloway around the Tea Tree Crossing, Salt Creek & The Granites. Salmon trout are at Policmen's Point, 32 Mile Crossing, Beachport Salmon Hole & then on to Canunda south of Millicent. Boat crews are catching big gar at Nene Valley, Carpenter's Rocks, Nora Creina Bay & Little Dip. Kingston boat crews did well on squid, KG whiting, flathead & tommies during the past week, but strong sea breezes are still getting up in the afternoons. Rock Lobster (crays) are on the menu at South End, Beachport & Port McDonnell, along with sweep, KG whiting, flathead & squid. Mullet can be caught just to the right of the surfer's main beach at Beachport. Tight Lines!

YORKE PENINSULA Port Broughton: Snook, gar and blue crabs have been the main reports. Big boat crews fishing the Plank shoal caught a couple of rat kingfish and flathead. Blueys, trumpeters and snook have come from Port Davis, along with a couple of lonely mullet in the creek. Wallaroo: Small flathead and weedy whiting were caught in the bay over the past week, plus a few blue crabs, gar and snook out from Point Riley and then south to Bird Reef. Salmon trout and yellowfin whiting are schooling at several local beaches on the incoming high tides. The jetty has had plenty of visitor traffic, but the fishing has been slow with a few squid only reported. Port Hughes/Moonta Bay: Jetty fishing has been at its best after dusk with gar, squid and snook being caught. Boat crews have caught gar and squid from West Light, snook, gar and tommies from Cape Elizabeth and the odd rat kingie from Steamer Channel (south). Balgowan-Port Victoria: KG whiting catches continue to come from the deep water drops west of Wardang Island and Balgowan, along with sweep, snook and leather jackets. The northwest end of the island has big snook and garfish. Blueys and tommies can be caught from the Port Vic jetty. Point Turton: Rugger snapper (which must be returned to the water immediately) were inadvertently caught from The Banks last weekend, along with KG whiting and flathead. Port Rickaby has tommies, gar and squid from the inshore grounds north of the ramp. Marion and Stenhouse Bays: Mulloway and salmon continue to run past West Cape and Gym Beach, with salmon trout and mullet also at Butler's and Hillocky beaches. Early Saturday and Sunday of the long weekend allowed big boat crews to chase tuna from their offshore drifts, along with KG whiting, sweep and red nannygai. Edithburgh: Blueys, gar and tommy ruffs continue to be caught from the Limits and Coobowie grounds and there are squid on the drift north of Troubridge Island. Marion Reef has sweep and snook, while the jetty has a mix of tommies, gar and squid. Stansbury-Port Vincent: A few blueys are in the broken grounds out from Port Vincent and The Hut, but many are on the small size and cannot be kept. Snook and gar have been the other main reports from north-east of the oyster lease marker pole. The jetty has the odd blue crab. Ardrossan: Blueys can be caught from Price and Port Clinton down to Macs Beach on the outgoing tide. Boat crews have caught gar, snook, blueys and squid. Tight Lines!

KANGAROO ISLAND Rat kingfish, small salmon trout & flathead are off Kingscote, along with KG whiting, tommies & garfish. Tuna to 30 kilos have been caught out from Emu Bay & Cygnet River. American River has mullet, tommies, gar & squid.

FEBRUARY SEAFOOD RECIPE Kingfish with a coriander pesto. Ingredients: 4 kingfish fillets, half-cup coriander leaves, 2 tblespoons peanut oil, 1 tblespoon salted peanuts, 1 chopped rocket chilli, 2 tblespoons lime juice. Preparation: make the pesto by blending all ingredients except the fish, then brush the fish fillets with pesto and cook on high on BBQ or grill for 2 mins each side. Serve with a glass of Pinot Rose. Bon Appetit!

WEST COAST/EYRE PENINSULA The reports of big, fat mulloway up around the 1 metre mark continue from Yalata, Fowler's Bay & Cactus surf beaches. Some of the photos have been great, so a big thankyou to those hardy anglers who sent them in! The Dog Fence beach & Claire Bay have salmon, flathead & big snook. KG whiting catches are good from Venus Bay, Coffin Bay & several locations out from Pt Lincoln, inc Buffalo Reef & Williams Island. Tuna are now well into their annual migration with fish off Streaky Bay, Wargrave Island & Elliston. Salmon of various sizes up to 2 kilos are in the surf at Elliston, Sheringa & Convention beaches. Proper Bay has flathead, KG whiting & garfish. Murat Bay (Ceduna) has blueys, snook & gar, while Nadia Landing has salmon trout, gar & snook. Boat crews fishing The Spilsby Group of islands out from Tumby Bay have reported KG whiting, trevalley, big tommies & squid. The jetties at Tumby & Arno Bays have tommies, squid & gar with shore-based anglers finding yellowfin whiting at Germein Point (Cowell), Pt Neill & Cowled's Landing. Whyalla Foreshore Beach has blueys for rakers & there is gar & squid offshore for boats fishing False Bay & Point Lowly. Kingies are running through the Point Lowly rip, Blanche Harbour & Pt Augusta's old power station site. Blueys & gar are at Point Patterson & out from the shacks at Weeroona Bay. Tight Lines!