Greg James
Fishing Reports and Hotspots

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THIS WEEK AT A GLANCE! 1. Metro: blueys at Henley, Grange & Outer Harbour for both jetty & boat anglers., mulloway & bream in the Onkaparinga River., gar & snook at St Kilda & West Beach. 2. Fleurieu: school mulloway again in the Goolwa areas (river mouth, Tauwitchere Barrage)., salmon from the Upper Coorong & Basham's Beach., gar & squid at Wirrina, Carrackalinga & Normanville. 3. Fresh water & Reservoir: callop, redfin & yabbies at Morgan & Nildottie & the Warren Reservoir (permit required) has callop as well. 4. West Coast: mulloway at Fowler's Bay., KG whiting & flathead at Smoky & Streaky Bays., KG whiting at Tumby Bay., blueys, snook & yellowfin whiting from Cowell to Whyalla Foreshore. 5. Yorke Pen: squid from several YP jetties (Wallaroo, Ardrossan, Point Turton, Pt Hughes)., gar & blueys from Bird Reef & Tickera., KG whiting at Marion Reef. 6. South East: salmon at Salt Creek & Canunda., gar & squid from Robe & Beachport., big gar at Cape Northumberland., sweep from Carpenter's Rocks. 7. Kangaroo Is: garfish, squid & tommies from Kingscote., bream at American River.

NOVEMBER 11-20, 2019

REMEMBER OUR MILITARY HISTORY! Nov 22 is the anniversary of the Battle of Belmont - 2nd Boer War 1899. LEST WE FORGET. QUICK UPDATES! Follow me on INSTAGRAM! and be part of my adventure - You can also catch my Friday Fishing segment on ABC Adelaide (891) radio every Friday at 10.20am. Freecall 1300222891 or SMS 0467922891. Love to hear from you!

TACKLEBOX TALES - A BAN ON FISHING! Think a total ban on recreational fishing is out of the question? Think again - some sections of our community would love to see a total ban on recreational boat fishing, imo. Evidence? 1. Total snapper ban when recfishers only take 10% of catch., 2. KG whiting spatial ban already happening plus a wider ban on its way., 3. Draconian bag limits., 4. State Govt's complete arrogance with & disregard of RecFish SA., 5. No officially recognised voice for recreational anglers (the Ministerial Advisory Council is a farce & a complete joke)., 4. Marine Park reviews., 5. Opening of Reservoirs to placate dis-enfranchised anglers., 6. Complete mis-management of our State's fisheries by the this space!

METRO WATERS If you are after a feed of KG whiting then the grounds off AAMI Stadium, West Beach & down to Seacliff are all worth a try, but go early am & fish in water around the 8m plus mark (depth). Squid, gar & small flathead can be caught out from Semaphore & Nth Haven, along with blueys & snook. Northern Metro beaches have yellowfin whiting, blueys & gar, with Thompson's, Port Gawler, Port Prahan & Light being the pick of locations this past week. Rakers have also found a few crabs in the shallows on the outgoing tides. Squid catches have varied, with good reports from Outer Harbour, West Beach, Seacliff, Marino Rocks & Brighton. Brighton jetty has squid & tommies at dusk. Some really decent snook have been caught by boat crews fishing off O'Sullivan's Beach right up to Brighton - these fish make a great meal when smoked or baked in a hot oven. Raw snook pieces also make excellent crab & crayfish bait. Garfish & squid can be caught from Christies Beach, Pt Noarlunga & Seaford, while bream & school mulloway are in the Onkaparinga River. Tight Lines!

SOUTH COAST/RIVERLAND 1. Goolwa and fresh water: several schools of mulloway are over at the Tauwitchere Barrage as their annual migration begins, with some nice fish also at the river mouth and along the shallows of the Upper Coorong. Mullet and salmon trout are around the Channel 19 marker, Sugars Beach on Hindmarsh Island and the Goolwa Barrage. Anglers fishing around Clayton have caught a few yabbies and big carp. Callop and redfin perch catches continue from Swan Reach, Berri and Lyrop. 2. Victor Harbor: Shore-based anglers fishing from the rocks at Bashams Beach have landed a couple of night-time mulloway, along with squid and salmon trout. The deep channel at Chiton Rocks fished quite well for sweep and flathead last week when the west to north-westerly winds cracked in. The Bluff has squid and gar, while boat crews on Sunday reported gar, squid and KG whiting. 3. Waitpinga Beach: The weekend saw groups of anglers fishing The Bluff to Waitpinga and several spots in between inc. Newland Head, Petrel Cove and Kings Beach - with results from rockies, sweep, salmon trout, to small school mulloway and sweep. 4. Fisheries-Morgans Beaches: squid, snook, rockies and sweep were caught from Fisheries, Cape Jervis and Morgans beaches in the early part of the week, with tommies, gar, red nannygai and small kingfish also off the Cape. 5. Rapid Bay/Wirrina: snook, gar, tommies and KG whiting were the main reports from Rapid Bay, Wirrina and Second Valley, with a school of salmon trout making a welcome arrival off the beach at Rapid Bay on Friday. A couple of large flathead came from the southern side of the Bungala River mouth on Sunday, along with salmon trout and yellowfin whiting. Tight Lines!

SOUTH EAST Some big tuna have been caught off Cape Northumberland & Port MacDonnell with fish up to 90 kilos taken from the major drop-offs on the Continental Shelf. The Glenelg River on the SA border has school mulloway, salmon trout & bream well up river with anglers in small tinnies doing well at dusk. Carpenter's Rocks has snapper, sweep & big flathead off the beach (south of the beach track), Southport & Canunda have salmon to 2 kilos, while Little Dip has flathead, squid, garfish & nice mullet from Stinky Beach. KG whiting can be caught from Robe, Boatswain's Point & Kingston. Lower Coorong fishing has salmon at The Granites & 42 Mile Crossing with smaller fish at Salt Creek & Policeman's Point. Tight Lines!

YORKE PENINSULA Wallaroo: Try the jetty for gar and blue crabs. Boat crews fishing out from Point Riley and Tickera caught gar, snook, squid and blueys. Yellowfin whiting and bream can be caught from the marina breakwater. Port Hughes/Moonta Bay: Squid can also be caught from the marker pole off Cape Elizabeth and the Tiparra Reef is holding gar and tommies. KG whiting came from the deeper water at Wharburto Point. The jetties have snook, gar and squid. Point Turton: Snook and KG whiting are off Port Rickaby, with gar and squid at Mindlacowie and Point Souttar. The local jetty had a couple of sand crabs last week, along with tommies after dusk. Marion Bay: The draconian snapper ban for recreational fishers has forced a focus on other species along this section of the coast, with crews now targeting red nannys, kingfish and morwong. Flathead and salmon trout are at Hillocky's Beach. Brown's Beach and the Dust Hole had small salmon on Sunday. Edithburgh: KG whiting have been caught off Coobowie and Tapley Shoals, with snook and flounder in the broken grounds just north of Troubridge Island. The jetty has ruffs and squid. Ardrossan: Yellowfin whiting have been caught from the shore at Tiddy Widdy Beach, along with blueys for rakers working here and at Macs Beach. Boat crews are reporting gar, squid, ruffs and blue crabs. Tight Lines!

KANGAROO ISLAND Kingscote has flathead, sand crabs, gar & squid, while the jetty has big ruffs, squid & leather jackets. American River has salmon trout from the beach & KG whiting, gar & ruffs for boat crews fishing early mornings. I saw a spotter aircraft checking out for signs of tuna north of Emu Cove during the week, while over at Snelling Beach there are flathead, red mullet & salmon trout.

NOVEMBER SEAFOOD RECIPE King Prawn and rockmelon salad. Ingredients: 6-8 cooked and cleaned SA King Prawns, chopped half-rockmelon, sliced cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber, lettuce finely chopped, 1 crushed garlic clove, 40ml olive oil, 40ml lime juice, 40ml white wine vinegar. Preparation: Make a citrus dressing with garlic, oil, juice and vinegar - set aside. Toss salad ingredients in serving bowl, add remaining ingredients and dressing. Serve with a glass of Traminer white wine. Bon Appetit!

EYRE PENINSULA The reported chemical spills at Pt Pirie have cast a cloud over the health or otherwise of local seafood. Further across the Gulf there are gar, squid, small kingfish & KG whiting (along with about 2M fish de shite - aka trumpeters) off Point Lowly & Blanche Harbour. Port Patterson has blueys & yellowfin whiting while south west of Whyalla anglers are catching blueys (both raking & with nets) at Cowled's Landing, Murninnie Point & Lady Bay. Cowell has blueys, snook & garfish with most Spencer Gulf KG whiting reports coming in from The Spilsby Group & Arno Bay. Coffin Bay has KG whiting, garfish, tommies & squid. The surf beaches at Elliston all have intermittent salmon with fish up to 2.5 kilos coming from the gutters at Sheringa, Convention & Talia beaches. Boat crews fishing out of Streaky Bay caught KG whiting in the Dashwood Channel, along with flathead, green mackerals & red mullet. Blueys & gar are in Smoky Bay & Ceduna. The Dog Fence beach & Fowler's Bay have mulloway, salmon & big snook, along with the latest hatching of baby brown snakes & the omni-present bushies (flies)! Tight Lines!