Greg James
Fishing Reports and Hotspots

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AT A GLANCE: METRO - Big snapper @ Gus Shoal. KG whiting @ Outer Harbour, Nth Haven, Sem Reef. Bream @ West Lakes. Salmon trouts @ Pt Noarlunga, Port River. YORKES - KG whiting @ Port Vic, Balgowan & Port Hughes. Squid @ Pt Vincent, Stansbury. Snapper @ Corny Point. WEST COAST - Big salmon @ Venus Bay & Elliston surf beaches & Fowler's Bay. Garfish @ Bairds Bay & Acraman Creek. KG whiting @ Whyalla & Cockle Spit. Squid @ Tumby & Arno Bays & Cowell jetties. SOUTH COAST - Salmon trouts @ Goolwa channel, Morgans & River Mouth. SOUTH EAST/COORONG - flathead, sweep & big kg whiting @ Kingston down to Beachport. Salmon @ The Granites & Salt Creek

BREAKING NEWS! FRIDAYS 10.30am! My regular 'FRIDAY FISHO' segment continues with the fab David Bevan on ABC Adelaide (891) radio No: 1 rating program every Friday straight after 10.30am - sms 0467922891 or freecall 1300222891 - A huge thx to Matt Abraham (The Man) for this opportunity some years ago now!
Also, The first official statewide SA Marine Parks report has been published (by DEWNR).


METRO WATERSA number of keen anglers who have boats big enough & able to manage the trip have been launching at St Kilda & chasing snapper northwards at the Gus Shoal when those dastardly north winds abate. Fish up to 7 kilos have been caught, but in local metro waters most snapper landed have been much less at around 3-4 kilograms. Local metro snapper fishing is best around St Kilda & Outer Harbour channels or down south off Myponga. KG whiting catches have improved in recent days as those strong westerlies have stirred the ocean floor & encouraged the fish to come in closer to shore, with best grounds being Bower Road, Semaphore, Largs, West Beach & Grange. Hallett Cove & Seacliff have also been producing fish up to 37cm on boa ts of fresh cockle & squid. Metro jetties have night-time tommies, squid, mullet & salmon trout also coming from local breakwaters & the Port River. Squid fishing has been hit & miss, especially with the discoloured water making it almost impossible to catch a squid - remember that squidlies are best caught when the water is almost crystal clear! The annual Statewide bloodworm run should be on during the last week of July into August, so fishing may be affected as fish can stuff themselves with these polychates (nyuk, nyuk, I am a bloody Einstein - not!) & not want to take your baits! Some decent gar & ruffs should start appearing along southern grounds as Spring approaches, so stay tuned & as soon as they arrive, you will be the first to know! Tight Lines!

YORKE PENINSULA Squid & small flatties can be caught from Port Vincent & Stansbury. Check out full Leg-wide details from my column in the Yorke Peninsula Country Times ( each & every week! Tight Lines!

SOUTH EAST Some really good salmon fishing has been happening in the upper sections of the beautiful Coorong Coast, plus mullet & mulloway in the surf from south of the river mouth to the 32 Mile Crossing (aka Younghusband Pensinsula) & then on to Salt Creek & I expect these fish should continue to school & migrate well into Winter. Kingston fishing has kg whiting, squid, salmon trout & mullet from the jetty, esp after those big strong north & west storms in the past week or so. The waters around Robe are holding tommies, flathead, scattered schools of mullet & kg whiting, with some decent snapper coming off-shore from the surfer's beach & Little Dip. Good catches of kg whiting & snapper have come from Carpenter's Rocks & Beachport, while South East jetty fishing has tommies, squid & mullet from Port Mac, Robe & Beachport. The surf beaches at Canundra & south of Beachport have salmon & mullet! Tight Lines!

SOUTH COAST You can read my weekly fishing report in the local Victor Harbor Times (! Murray Cod fishing ban comes into play on August 1 & please don't forget that the Goolwa Cockle/Pipi season closed on June 1, 2017! Goolwa-Coorong: Mullet and mulloway have been the main reports this week, with a few salmon trout thrown in for good measure. The mulloway are at the river mouth and inside the channel, especially if you fish at night and are prepared to brave the cold! Bigger salmon can be caught from the upper reaches of the Coorong, but the mullet are plentiful at the Tauwitchere Barrage and off several banks. Victor Harbor-Encounter Bay: The Bluff has tommies and squid, while boats that managed a fish last Wednesday caught kg whiting, tommies, squid and rugger snapper. Big tuna reports have dropped back, but some smaller fish have been caught on plastics and lures, along with red nannys and big sweep. Waitpinga-Cape Jervis: Waitpinga Beach certainly lived up to its reputation on the weekend, as surf-based anglers caught mullet, salmon and even some nice tommies. Parson's Beach was quieter, but the western end is worth a cast for salmon and mullet when the ocean swells permit. Boat crews caught snapper from Backstairs Passage, along with a few kg whiting, leather jackets and trevalley. Rapid Bay-Myponga: The strong northerlies (then westerly) raged late last week and this kept a lot of fishing to the bare minimum. Wind predictions don't improve until mid this week, so the kg whiting should be close in-shore, along with flathead, rugger snapper and tommy ruffs. Local jetties have tommies and mullet. Tight Lines!

EYRE PENINSULA AND WEST COAST Shore-based fishing around the beaches at Venus Bay & Elliston has kicked off with fish up to 2 kilos being landed at Sheringa, Lock's Well & Greenly Beaches. Further over on the Far West Coast there is slightly larger salmon at 3 kilos, snook, big ruffs, mullet & a few late migrating mulloway at Point Sinclair, Fowler's Bay & Claire Bay beaches. The Dog Fence fishing beaches have had good fishing conditions with offshore breezes, but the fish seem a tad further east. Nyut's & Davenport Creek have mullet, salmon trout & garfish in shallow, while the jetty at Ceduna has gar, squid & flathead. Streaky Bay fishing is good for kg whiting, snapper (Dashwood channel), red nannys (Olive Island) & garfish, while for salmon fishing I would check Back Beach, Point Brown & Acraman Creek/Haslam. The waters south of Point Longnose/Coffin Bay have garfish, ruffs, kg whiting, salmon trout & flathead - with late afternoon incoming tides being the better time to fish & Proper Bay, Sleaford & Louth Bay the pick of locations - please remember to check the latest sanctuary/no take zones in regard to local Marine Parks! The islands off Tumby have sweep, red nannys, trevalley & snapper for the boats making the run. Arno Bay jetty fishing has ruffs, mullet, gar & squid while north to Cowell we have snook, kg whiting, salmon trout & flathead. Whyalla fishing has rugger snapper, gar & kg whiting out from the mangroves & over at Black Point. Kingies are off Point Lowly & the rip. Blanche Harbour has garfish & smallish kg whiting, while fishing at Port Germein & Port Pirie has a mix of kg whiting, garfish, flathead & rugger snapper. Tight Lines!