Greg James
Fishing Reports and Hotspots

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THIS WEEK AT A GLANCE! METRO: Windy, but KG whiting can be caught in close at West Beach, St Kilda & Outer Harbour. YORKE PEN: KG whiting from The Pines, Wallaroo & Port Broughton. Snapper at Pt Hughes, Tapley Shoals & Corny Point. FLEURIEU PEN: Salmon from Waitpinga, Parsons & Fishery beaches, tommies & squid at Rapid Bay, Mulloway from Upper Coorong & Murray river mouth. WEST COAST: Big salmon (5+ kilos!) continue to run at Talia & Almonta beaches, KG whiting from Smoky Bay, Dashwood channel & Taylor's Landing. SOUTH EAST: KG whiting from Kingston & Boatswain's Point, Garfish & mullet from Beachport & Southend, salmon from Canundra & Little Dip .


METRO WATERS Some really decent catches of KG whiting have started coming in off West Beach, Semaphore & St Kilda with both recreational & commercial fishers doing well on the early morning outgoing tides. I have seen bag limits of KG whiting up to 37cm being caught on soft squid & pieces of soft pilchard - a slow but steady berley stream works best! Snapper have been hit & miss, with ruggers coming in off Seaford Reef, Aldinga & then the northern side of the shipping channel at Outer Harbour in water of 8 metres depth or more. The bloodworm run came & went with mixed results in the Port River & St Kilda channel, but mid-August should also present an opportunity as the moon comes round. Salmon, ranging in size from trouts to fish around the 2 kilo mark are at the back of the swells at Southport, Moana & Triggs - trolling around 4 knots with a lure is a great way to enjoy catching these fish. Jetty-based anglers at Pt Noarlunga are also catching a few. Squid catches are steady at Pt Stanvac, Seacliff & Brighton, with some nice Winter garfish also about, although they are finicky at times & not always on the bite. Plump Yellowfin whiting have been caught from Moana & Triggs beaches, with some fish hitting 30cm, best baits is bloodworm or sandworms. Mullet & salmon trout are in the Port River. Tight Lines!

YORKE PENINSULA 1. Port Broughton: northerly airstreams belted onshore over several days last week & then backed off. A few snook and small KG whiting can be caught in the channel, with bigger whiting and rugger snapper from Jurassic Park. The jetty has squid and tommies. 2. Wallaroo: I arrived in town late Sunday and saw the nice crowd of supporters as the Maggies and Crows SANFL sides did battle at the Kadina oval. Squid, tommies and salmon trout have come from the jetty and marina breakwaters, while holiday boats have caught KG whiting, squid and flathead. 3. Port Hughes: try the jetty here and at Moonta Bay for squid and tommies after the late afternoon high tide runs in. Boat crews caught snapper, KG whiting, tommies and squid. 4. Point Turton: Fishing from the shore has mullet, salmon trout and yellowfin whiting in various numbers here, Point Souttar and The Pines, but it is cold weather fishing and a thermos is strongly recommended. Boats have reported rugger snapper, flathead and squid, while mullet and salmon trout are at Browns beach and Pondalowie Bay. 5. Marion Bay: Lots of caravans and boats have been on the roads between here and Edithburgh in recent days, many with the aim to fish the jetties for tommies and squid. When weather permits boat crews are catching squid, big KG whiting, flathead and small snapper. 6. Edithburgh: Again the jetty fishing is quite good after dark if you can bear the cold! Tommies and squid are about in reasonable numbers, while boats are reporting KG whiting from Rocky Gully, snapper from Marion Reef and tommies and squid from Port Giles. 7. Black Point/Ardrossan: Strong northerly winds belted across the top of Gulf St Vincent for much of the weekend and this made fishing almost too hard! Snapper, squid and tommies can be caught from boats. Tommies, squid and mullet can be caught from the jetty and shore. Tight Lines!

SOUTH EAST Kingston has schools of winter garfish, big ruffs & a few KG whiting if you can get your boat into the water (boatramp conditions have been dodgy for a time), with fresh cockle & squid as best bait & a steady but light berley trail working well. Salmon ranging from trouts up to 2 kilos have been caught along the Coorong at the 32 Mile & 47 Mile Crossings, Salt Creek & The Granites. Some decent sized salmon are also in the gutters at Canundra & down at the Glenelg river mouth. Garfish can be caught from Kingston, Little Dip & the Salmon Hole, just north of Nora Creina Bay, while kg whiting & squid have been landed at Beachport & South End. Big boats fishing the Continental Shelf have reported school bluefin tune around the 20 kilo mark, but the trip home has been rough with these recent winter daytime northerlies. Mullet are off Beachport, along with sweep, KG whiting & flathead. Boat crews fishing out from Kingston have done well on KG whiting, snapper, sweep & flathead, while local jetties have squid, mullet, garfish & salmon trout. Tight Lines!

FLEURIEU/SOUTH COAST 1. Goolwa: Mulloway are at the river mouth, the upper reaches of the Coorong and at Salt Creek. Mullet and salmon trout are in the Goolwa channel and at Sugars beach and other locations on Hindmarsh Island. Freshwater fishing has callop and redfin perch at Wellington and right up to Berri and Walker's Flat. Mullet of various sizes have also been landed at Meningie and in local waters. 2. Victor Harbor: some big squid and night time tommies have come from The Bluff and Screwpile jetties in recent days, but it is cold weather fishing and I strongly recommend warm clothes and a hot thermos! Snapper and KG whiting are here for the boats and the northerly winds predicted for later this week should make for great conditions for surf and rock-based fishing for salmon and mullet. 3. Waitpinga/Parson's beaches: nice, plump salmon have been taking baits of pilchards right along this section of our beautiful southern coastline, with King's and Parson's beaches being standout last week. A few mullet and tommies have also come in from Morgan's and Fishery beach. 4. Cape Jervis/Rapid Bay: the reports of snapper, squid and big ruffs continue from boat crews launching locally, but KG whiting catches have slowed in recent days. Soft, fresh squid and a minimum berley trail is essential technique for this time of the year, while jetty fishing is producing a mix of species, including squid, tommies, green mackeral, red mullet and salmon trouts. 5. Wirrina: I checked out this section of our coast on Saturday as the winds turned north westerly and crept up to 12 knots. KG whiting, squid and salmon trout are at many local offshore drops, while tommies and squid can be caught from Second Valley and Lady Bay. Yellowfin whiting and mullet are in the small surf at Aldinga and Sellicks beach. Tight Lines!

AUGUST SEAFOOD RECIPE: Blackened salmon with a chilli corn salsa (serves 6). Ingredients: 6 Atlantic salmon fillets skin on, 1 tablespoon paprika, 1 tblspn Morrocan seasoning, ground black pepper and a pinch of salt. Preparation: combine the spices and coat the fillets. Heat a little oil with some butter in a fry pan and cook the salmon skin side down for two minutes, then turn and cook the other side for 2-3 minutes. Set aside and keep warm. To make the salsa combine corn kernels, red onion, green capsicum and 1 chopped red chilli in a bowl. Squeeze the juice of 1 lime or lemon over and mix well. Plate the salmon and top with the salsa mix. Serve with your favourite greens and a glass of chilled savingnon blanc. Bon Appetit!

EYRE PENINSULA + SPENCER GULF Excellent reports of salmon up to a massive 5.1 kilos have been coming in from the main surf beaches of Almonta, Sheringa, Lock's Well & Elliston! These fish were schooling well offshore in WA a few weeks back & the commercial net fisherman missed the mainbody of fish, hence the good size & numbers now here! KG whiting, squid, red mullet & garfish have all been caught from Streaky Bay just north of Eba Island. Most reports of snapper catches in Spencer Gulf have come from the western side inc Whyalla, Cowell & Tumby Bay. KG whiting, flathead, gar & tommies can be caught from Smoky Bay, while the jetty here & at Streaky Bay have tommies, squid & garfish. Off-shore islands have tuna, red nannys & kingfish, with some stand-out fishing sessions happening west of Waldegrave & Greenly Islands. Olive Island & the Dashwood Channel hold snapper, trevalley & big KG whiting respectively. Inside Coffin Bay boat crews are catching tommies, squid, snook & garfish. Nadia Landing & Davenport Creek have yellowfin whiting, snook & muulet, while Far West Coast beaches have snook, big tommies (especially at Fowler's Bay jetty), strongies, mulloway & salmon up to 4.7 kilograms! Claire Bay also has some good salmon & mullet catches at the moment. Kingfish are running from Point Lowly & then across the Gulf towards Pt Pirie & then on to the Steamer Channel out from Pt Hughes, with many fish in that nice 4-5 kilo range. KG whiting (although there are many undersize fish about, so care is needed), garfish, snook & snapper have been the other main reports from Whyalla through to Cowell, with several beaches (Germein Point, Cowled's Landing etc) holding mullet & flathead. KG whiting catches are improving off Port Neill & Louth Bay, with fish around the 33cm mark common. Good fish are also in Proper Bay & off Reevesby Island. Kingfish, red nannys & trevalley have been caught by Charter Boat crews at the back of Williams Island. The grounds at Baird's Bay & Acraman Creek have mullet & yellowfin whiting in-shore & kg whiting, garfish & tommies in waters over 8metres. Tight Lines!