Greg James
Fishing Reports and Hotspots

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  1. Metro waters: I would be targeting salmon from Pt Noarlunga, Christies Beach, Tennyson & Nth Haven breakwaters, with a mulloway or bream in The Pat & Port River (Torrens Island end). KG whiting, flathead, squid & ruffas have been caught from West Beach, Grange, Somerton & St Kilda.
  2. Fleurieu Pen, Riverland & freshwater: Salmon again from Morgan's, Fisheries & Waitpinga beaches. Mulloway at the River mouth (Goolwa)., Murray Cod & callop at Renmark, Nildottie & Cadell. Silver perch from the Warren reservoir.
  3. Yorke Pen: KG whiting & squid from Hardwicke Bay, Wallaroo, Stansbury & Edithburgh., tommies & salmon from Moonta Bay, Stenhouse Bay & Brown's beach
  4. South East & Coorong: salmon & mulloway from The Granites., flathead & KG whiting at Kingston. Tuna from South End & Port Mac.
  5. Eyre Pen: salmon from Sheringa, Convention & Baird's Bay., yellowfin whiting at Arno Bay & Pt Neill. KG whiting at Cowell & Whyalla.
  6. Kangaroo Is: squid at Kingscote & American River. KG whiting at Nepean Bay.


REMEMBER OUR MILITARY HISTORY! Early June is again a special time in Australia's Military history. 1. BATTLE OF MIDWAY. Between the US & Japanese forces, this incredible battle at sea in 1942 was one of the first that kept Australia free of Japanese invasion. Why? The Jap aircraft carrier Agaki was sunk during the battle - she was used to bomb Darwin & Guadalcanal (Solomon Islands) earlier in 1942! 2. BIAK ISLAND. The last engagement of the RAAF in WW2 when 78 Squadron (P40 Kittyhawks) destroyed a Jap squadron on June 6, 1944. We owe our freedom to the bravery of these sailors & airmen. Thank you.

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METRO WATERS BREAKING NEWS-OFFER EXTENDED TO JUNE 15, 2020! FREE 12m MEMBERSHIP ADVANTAGE! Buy a copy of my latest GPS Marks of SA book ($14.95) & get 12 (twelve) months absolutely FREE membership with lots of Greg's (extra secret) secret-spot GPS marks! The Winter schools of KG whiting are in much closer to shore than recent weeks, with some fat little 'tingas' along metro coast blue-lines & in waters of 3-5 metres - esp. when the water is dirty from recent storms. Try some soft squid on my famous bottom hook rig (aka the Greg James Tobruk Rig) for best results - & remember to keep the bait moving. These fish up to 40cm can be caught north of St Kilda Black Pole, Goannas, Star wreck & then Outer Harbour, Nth Haven & Semaphore grounds. Gar & blueys are declining, but squid & ruffs can be caught from West Beach, Brighton, Seacliff & Marino Rocks, while local shore-based anglers are catching salmon to 1.5 kilos from Tennyson, Pt Noarlunga, Triggs Beach & the breakwaters at Nth Haven & St Kilda. Jetty fishing has salmon trout from Pt Noarlunga, squid & salmon trout at Brighton & Glenelg & a few mullet at Semaphore. Some large snook were caught by boat crews coming into O'Sullies boat-ramp on the Wednesday afternoon before last week's gale force storms. Tight Lines!

FLEURIEU/UPPER COORONG/RIVERLAND 1. Goolwa, Upper Coorong and Riverland: small mulloway have been caught from the river mouth at Goolwa and a few salmon trout and mullet inside the Goolwa and Mundoo channels. Salmon up to 3 kgs are off Goolwa and Chiton Rocks and then down to Salt Creek and the 32 Mile Crossing. Upstream anglers reported Murray Cod and callop from Swan Reach, Renmark and Overland Corner. Water clarity is good in the Murray at the minute. 2. Victor Harbor: the gale-force at times winds cracked in after a mid-week lull in the weather when crews caught garfish, tommies and squid in Yilki Bay and just south of West Island. Big red mullet, flathead and KG whiting are also in the mix, while I had an unconfirmed report of early season yellowfin whiting from the shore at Port Elliot and Victor. Squid and tommies are at the Screwpile jetty. 3. Waitpinga Beach/Rapid Bay: salmon coming in at an impressive 3.5 kgs have been landed from the pounding surf at Waitpinga and Morgan's beaches in recent days, with pilchards on a double-ganged hook being the bait of choice. Prior to the stormy weather, anglers were doing well on gar and tommies from the jetty at Cape Jervis and the northern rocks at Morgan's beach. There are some nice squid at the Rapid Bay jetty also. 4. Wirrina/Second Valley: Boat crews who planned a fish before the end of last week caught KG whiting, flathead and garfish from Wirrina through to Second Valley. The jetties at Normanville and Second Valley have a few tommies at dusk, while Sunday morning provided a few salmon trout from the shore and rocks at Myponga. Tight Lines!

SOUTH EAST Shore-based fishing from the Coorong has seen some big swells crash through in recent days with reports of 1 metre or so mulloway at Salt Creek & The Granites. Salmon to 2kgs are at Policeman's Point, Beachport Salmon Hole & Canunda, south of Millicent. Boat crews are catching KG whiting & big gar at South End, Carpenter's Rocks & Little Dip. Kingston boat crews did well on squid, KG whiting, flathead & tommies but strong southerly sea breezes are still getting up in the afternoons. Rock Lobster (crays) are starting to slow but still on the menu at Robe, Beachport & Port MacDonnell, with some massive tuna (120kgs!) well offshore at Pt Mac, sweep, KG whiting, flathead & squid from waters around the 8-10 metre depth mark. Big flathead & mullet can be caught just to the right of the surfer's main beach at Beachport where the Lake George drain runs into the sea. Jetty fishing at Kingston has squid, garfish & tommy ruffs! Tight Lines!

YORKE PENINSULA Wallaroo: Small boats chased KG whiting, red mullet and squid inside the bay last week before the gale-force winds cracked in, with bigger boats also finding KG whiting to 40cm at the Ballast and Boiler grounds. The jetty has squid and tommies after dark, but that grain ship berthed during the week. Port Hughes/Moonta Bay: Good catches of whiting have come from West Light, Cape Elizabeth, Coopers and Wharburto Point with many fish in the just legal to 35cm range. Snook and a few gar can be also caught at Cape E, while the jetties have a few salmon trout, squid and gar when the swells have eased. Point Turton: The strong north to north-westerlies prevented pretty much all boats from being launched last week, but before the storms there were good catches of KG whiting, red mullet and flathead from as far afield as Port Rickaby to The Pines and The Banks. The Dust Bowl and Gym's beaches have salmon and a few mullet have been reported from the Lighthouse beach at Corny Point. Marion/Stenhouse Bays: Snook, KG whiting, big squid and tommy ruffs were the main reports in the calm weather mid last week, while the two jetties have mullet, salmon trout and small squid. Edithburgh/Stansbury: Boat crews fishing Sultana Point and Rocky Gully have caught red mullet, KG whiting to 37cm, with other trips to Wool Bay and Kleins'Point producing gar, squid and ruffs. South East of the Stansbury oyster leases are squid (on the drift), a few gar and squid. Ardrossan: A few hardy souls fished the high-tide shallows at Pine Point for yellowfin whiting in the shelter of the winds on Sunday morning. Boat anglers are chasing KG whiting, blueys, gar and squid. Tight Lines!

KANGAROO ISLAND Kingscote jetty has nice squid & fat tommy ruffas. Boat crews fishing the channel & bay are catching KG whiting, tommies, squid & flathead. Emu Bay has KG whiting, squid & tommies & there are salmon to 2 kilos at American River & red nannys from Cape de Couedi. Backstairs Passage has tuna, sweep & red nannys.

JUNE SEAFOOD RECIPE Barker Rocks crumbed calamari. Clean the fresh squid & cut into thin strips. Make a coating of breadcrumbs with mixed herbs & spices of chilli flakes, coriander, mint, paprika. Float squid pieces in a bowl of fresh milk & then coat with breadcrumbs. Cook in a hot pan for 2 mins & drain on a paper towel. Serve with a crisp, cold glass of Moscato. Bon Appetit!

WEST COAST/EYRE PENINSULA A Member of Greg James Fishing launched from Perlubie/Haslam last week before the rain & did well on KG whiting in the Dashwood Channel - with nice squid along the shallow water blue line on the way home! Streaky & Smoky Bay jetties have a few late season blueys, squid & tommy ruffs. Big boat crews fishing about 10 kms offshore from Olive Island caught 15kg tuna, sweep & red nannys. Flathead, mullet & gar are still biting at Acraman Creek & Baird Bay. Salmon up to 2 kgs are at Sheringa, Convention & Greenly beaches & inside the north-western corner of Sleaford Bay, with double ganged hooks on pilchards just holding the fish. These salmon are also around in Proper Bay, along with flathead, snook & big ruffs. Coffin Bay is starting to fish well for KG whiting up to 36cm, but there are a few undersize as well. Further north, boat anglers fishing the Leeton Tug grounds & Fitzgerald Bay are catching KG whiting, snook & blue crabs. Tight Lines!