Greg James
Fishing Reports and Hotspots

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  1. METRO: gar, small squid & ruffs from Glenelg, West Beach & Brighton., yellowfin whiting & blueys at Pt Gawler, Light & Middle beaches.
  2. FLEURIEU/RIVERLAND/FRESHWATER: whiting & squid off Cape Jervis., gar from Lady Bay, mullet off Hindmarsh Is., tuna from Sanders Bank., callop at Swan Reach., redfin perch in the Bundaleer Res.
  3. YORKE PEN: KG whiting off Edithburgh/Stansbury., snook & gar at Pt Hughes, Pt Davis & The Pines.
  4. SOUTH EAST/COORONG: salmon at Canunda & Beachport., gar & squid from Pt Mac., salmon at Salt Creek.
  5. SPENCER GULF/WEST COAST: blueys from Streaky & Smoky Bays., whiting at Coffin & Venus Bays., mulloway at Fowler's Bay. Kingfish off Cowell & Weeroona Bay.
  6. KANGAROO ISLAND: KG whiting, squid & gar at Emu Bay & American River., Kingscote jetty has tommies & squid.

JANUARY 18-31, 2021

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METRO WATERS Persistent strong southerlies continue so boat crews have had to go early to catch a feed in the past week or so! Mullet & small salmon are off Snapper Rocks along with nice flathead in the late afternoons as anglers try to find some shelter & have a decent fish. Catches of good sized blue crabs are still hard to come by with most boat crews working overtime to find a worthwhile feed. North of St Kilda to Gus Shoal & Long Spit & then around the 10 metre depth line out from Light Beach & Port Prahan have had the most consistent reports. Garfish & small squid are along the coast from Semaphore/Largs Bay down to West Beach, with good catches coming from the Bower Road grounds & (the old) AAMI Stadium marks. Tommies & squid are off Brighton for both jetty-based & boat anglers in the early hours just before daylight. Take the tinny to Light Beach & Port Gawler for yellowfin whiting, flathead & squid on the drift. The Port River & West Lakes/The Pat have salmon trout & school mulloway after dusk, along with tommies & bream in the evenings. Pt Noarlunga jetty has heaps of holiday-makers chasing gar, ruffs & squid - as does the Onkaparinga River which has a few small mulloway upstream at The Point. Boat crews fishing out from O''Sullivan's Beach caught gar & snook from the Horsehoe Reef & just north of the boatramp.

FLEURIEU/UPPER COORONG/RIVERLAND Goolwa, Upper Coorong and Riverland: daily on-shore sea breezes of anything up to 30 knots have been the rule rather than the exception so far this Summer. When the winds abate the traffic at the local boat-ramps has to be seen to be believed, so a little patience might be a good thing for your next trip! Colleagues of mine from The War Vets Fishing Group chasing cockles/pipis hit the sands at the Goolwa river mouth just last week but had to work hard to find their quota. Lots of small sand crabs in the water as well. Overnight mulloway are over at Tauwitchere Barrage/Point, along with salmon trout and mullet from the Goolwa Channel. Shore-based anglers are catching big carp inside the Lake at Meningie. Salt Creek has salmon, shark and a few mullet. Upstream anglers are catching redfin, callop and yabbies from Walker Flat and Bow End. Victor Harbor: some extra-large squid were landed around Yilki Bay and then Broady's Patch last week and Rat Kingfish were not far behind them. These schools have come across from Emu Bay and Backstairs Passage in recent weeks and make for fun fishing when they are on! Tuna schools are intermittently running off Newland Head and The Pages when weather permits crews to launch. Nice-sized garfish are also in the bay and off Granite Island on the calmer days. Shore-based anglers are trying their luck for salmon trout and flathead from Port Elliot and Boomer Beach. Parsons Beach/Cape Jervis: the surf gutters at both Parson's and Waitpinga beaches hold the occasional salmon trout as early morning casters appear to be doing best and small bream were caught late last week in the creek at Waits. Fisheries Beach has salmon trout and mullet. Cape Jervis has tommies, gar and squid in the basin and whiting, sweep, squid and flathead offshore. Rapid Bay/Wirrina: good catches of garfish have been reported from Rapid Head to Carrackalinga, especially out from Wirrina and Lady Bay at the 8-10 metre depth line. Squid and tommies are off the Rapid Bay and Second Valley jetties after dusk. Yellowfin whiting schools have spread thin in recent weeks as on-water pleasure craft have disturbed their patterns. A few whiting and flathead have been the other main reports.

LOWER COORONG/SOUTH EAST Mulloway are at the mouth of the Glenelg River, Lurline Point/Nuddie Beach & then a few nice ones up at The Granites & Salt Creek. Boat crews are reporting KG whiting from Kingston, Carpenter Rocks, the bay at Poorman's Beach & Robe. Sweep & silver trevalley are off South End & Beachport along the bommies that run just south of the jetties & then north to Nora Creina Bay. Gar & big mullet are also at Nora Creina & Little Dip, along with a couple of big flathead at the Little Dip Salmon Hole. Wright Bay & Boatswain's Point have salmon from the local beaches & whiting offshore for boats, but an early start is essential. Crays are starting to crawl, but every Mexican from south of the border is here from Carpenter Rocks to Robe, so good luck with our (distant) cousins on that front! South East jetty fishing has a mix of nice tommies, garfish, squid & flathead.

YORKE PENINSULA Port Broughton: Strong and persistent southerlies have been the order of the day and this has limited off-shore fishing. Blue crabs, snook and yellowfin whiting from local beaches and the jetty have been the main reports. A couple of big kingfish have been around the Plank shoal a week or so back. Wallaroo: Rat kingfish chasing gar and small squid have been caught off Bird Island, along with flathead, trumpeters and blueys. Gar and snook can also be caught from Point Riley and Myponie Point, while the jetty has blue crabs and tommies after dusk. Moonta Bay/Port Hughes: Try the jetties at first light for squid, garfish and blueys. Boats crews are running well off-shore for flathead, whiting and small kingfish in Steamer Channel and gar at Tiparra Light. Point Turton: Serious deep-water fishing trips have been few and far between, with whiting, garfish, squid and snook from Port Rickaby, the Banks and Point Souttar being the main species. Schools of salmon trout are along the blue-line at The Pines. Stenhouse and Marion Bays: The jetties have gar, squid and tommy ruffs as the winds decrease. Penguin Point has flathead on the drift and Hillocky beach is worth a try for whiting, flathead and salmon trout. Tuna, sweep and red nannys can be caught off-shore when weather conditions prevail. Gym and Richard's beaches have salmon trout and mullet. Edithburgh: KG whiting are off Troubridge Light and Marion Reef grounds. Closer to home there are gar, squid and flounder off Klein's Point and Coobowie. Jetty fishers are targeting tommies, squid and blue crabs. Stansbury/Port Vincent: Big snook have arrived at the Orontes Bank and there are blueys for boat crews and rakers alike at Port Vincent and The Hut/Stansbury foreshore on the low tide. A few small tinnies fished inside the oyster leases for blueys and whiting last Wednesday when the winds eased. Ardrossan: Blue crabs, yellowfin whiting and flathead have been caught by shore-based anglers from Rogues Point through to Price and Port Clinton. Boat crews are reporting garfish, blueys and a few squid. Mulloway are at the jetty late at night.

KANGAROO ISLAND Small tuna to 15 kegs have been caught just offshore from Emu Bay & Cape Bauer. Around at Nepean Bay there are KG whiting in the channel, gar, flathead, sand crabs & squid just south of the main beacons/markers. The jetty has garfish, squid, tommies & crabs. American River has squid, salmon trout, sand whiting & flathead. Around at Ballast Head there are kingfish, whiting & flathead, while Emu Bay has flathead, whiting, squid, garfish & nice ruffas. Hog Bay at Penneshaw is producing whiting, snook, garfish, squid & tommies.

AUSTRALIA DAY SEAFOOD RECIPE Prawn and Lamb Kebabs. Ingredients: 1 kilo green prawns, 300 gms cubed lamb meat, 2 red capsicums chopped, 1 jar pickled onions, soy sauce, 2 red chillies chopped, spoon of honey, splash of single malt scotch, seasoning (inc paprika). Preparation: marinate the lamb in sauces, scotch, chillies & honey for at least 2 hrs, then thread on to skewers (tip: if using wooden skewers, soak them in water to prevent burning when cooking). Season prawns with shells intact and also thread on to skewers with pieces of capsicum & pickled onions. Cook on a hot grill for 2 mins each side. Serve with a glass of cold white wine. Ripper tucka moite!

UPPER SPENCER GULF/WEST COAST If you intend fishing Port Pirie, the 12 month rec fishing closure has been extended - in the waters from 1st & 2nd Creeks, then northwards to Pt Germein - caused by heavy metal contamination. Blueys, night-time gar & plenty of SA Famous fishe de shite (trumpeters) have been caught out from the Pt Augusta shacks & Point Patterson. Rat kingies are still in the Point Lowly rip, while Whyalla has gar, blueys & yellowfin whiting from the foreshore. These beaut little fish are also off the beach at Germein Point (just south of the Franklin Harbour entrance at Cowell). Whiting are off Tumby Bay & Port Neill & the bays around Pt Lincoln hold squid, tommies, gar & flathead. Baird & Smoky Bays have big garfish, tommies & snook. Dashwood Channel boat crews have had to content with some fierce southerlies as they chased KG whiting, squid & flathead in recent days. Acraman Creek has mullet, gar & yellowfin whiting in the late afternoons. Far West Coast bays all have a mix of salmon (2-3kgs), mulloway & snook - try the Fowler's Bay underwater ledge for big mulloway, but take care with the ocean swells & surges! Tuna to 30 kilos have been reported from the Waldegrave Islands. Tight Lines!