Greg James
Fishing Reports and Hotspots

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  1. Metro waters: catches of KG whiting have been slow, but gar & squid can be caught from the Black Pole at St Kilda, West Beach & Brighton. Salmon trout & a few mullet are in the Port River.
  2. Fleurieu Pen, Riverland & freshwater: tommies & squid at Cape Jervis & Victor Harbor., salmon trout at Waitpinga & inside the river mouth at Goolwa. Callop at Swan Reach & Overland Cnr., Silver perch & redfin again from the Bundaleer reservoir. The Murray Cod season closure comes into effect on Aug 1.
  3. Yorke Pen: After a somewhat slow week, whiting catches have improved at Point Turton, Stansbury & Black Point. Big squid from the jetties at Marion & Stenhouse Bays.
  4. South East & Coorong: garfish from Robe & Beachport., salmon trout at Carpenter's Rocks & South End. A few small mulloway at the 28 Mile Crossing area.
  5. Eyre Pen: whiting catches are better in the late afternoons at Pt Lincoln & Tumby Bay., Yellowfin whiting & squid at Port Neill. Salmon from Elliston & Claire Bay.
  6. Kangaroo Is: KG whiting, tommies & squid from Kingscote & American River.

AUGUST 4 - 15, 2020

PROPOSED REC FISHING LICENCE? We need to be very careful in what we (the rec fishing community) ask for here. The commercial fishing sector & so-called Advisory Committees/Authorities are NOT our friends & do NOT have our best interests at heart (imo). Any licence for rec fishers should come with an absolute guarantee to remove ALL commercial long-line & net licences from SA nautical waters. ALL OUT. GONESKY. NO MUCKING ABOUT. Then - a new system of multi-class recreational fishing licences may be put in place. All licences should transferable (ie. able to be sold) with a limited number issued to allow holders to sell their catch to local SA food markets - a $500pa maximum total allowable catch. I have had huge support for this position since my segment (Friday June 19) on David Bevan's 891 ABC Adelaide Mornings program. Stay tuned for much more....!

REMEMBER OUR MILITARY HISTORY! Aug 6 marks the 75th anniversary of the dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima (Japan) in 1945 by the American B29 aircraft 'ENOLA GAY' towards the end of World War 11. Aug 8 marks the 104th anniversary of the start of the Battle of Mouquet Farm, Pozieres, France in 1916 where over 11,000 young Australian soldiers lost their lives in a single campaign - one of them was my Great Uncle - Pvte Walter Hartvigsen, 5th Pioneer Battalion. Walter, from Arno Bay SA was aged just 23. We still have his shaving mirror & tunic badge.....What a bloody waste. WE MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER THEM.

HEIDI HO! OVER 300K (YEP, THAT'S 300,000!) views on Youtube, and still going strong! A massif thx to Seany Sean Lahiff ( & Mrs James. Check them out with more going up soon! Follow me on INSTAGRAM! and be part of my adventure - You can also catch my weekly Fishing Segments on ABC Adelaide (891) radio every Friday at 10.20am with David Bevan. Freecall 1300222891 or SMS 0467922891. Love to hear from you! WAIT-THERE'S MORE! My fun, new SA Regional Fishing Segment is on every Saturday morning at 07.20am with Chook Harslett! ABC 639 and 1485!

METRO WATERS Catches of KG whiting have slowed with an extended bloodworm seasonal run plus adverse tides keeping the fish well fed & lazy. Best results are coming for anglers fishing in the late afternoons - boat crews operating in 8-10m of water & jetty/shore based casting along the local blue-line appear to be doing better. Good numbers of Winter garfish are out off St Kilda, Nth Haven & Port Gawler, while squid catches are steady. Tommies & squid are at Brighton & Pt Noarlunga jetties after dusk & there are some big snook across the broken ground just north of the O'Sullivan's Beach boat ramp. Grange & Glenelg grounds have fished slowly in recent days but West Beach is worth a try for just-legal whiting, red mullet, flathead & squid on the drift. Shore-based anglers are catching good sized bream from the rocks south of the Onkaparinga River mouth, salmon trout & mullet from The Pat & lower end of the Port River. Tight Lines!

FLEURIEU/UPPER COORONG/RIVERLAND 1. Goolwa, Upper Coorong and Riverland: patches of early morning fog gave way to a couple of clear sunny days last week as shore-based anglers caught some nice bream around shallow structures and local creeks. Salmon trout are in the river mouth and at the Tauwitchere Barrage, along with just-legal mulloway. The Coorong has salmon to 3 kilos from Policeman's Point and again down at the 32 Mile Crossing. Upstream there are a mix of fish inc. callop and redfin from Murray Bridge, Nildottie and Bow End. It is now a closed season for Murray Cod. 2. Victor Harbor: off-shore boat crews chased tuna, red nannys and big trevalley from The Pages and Sanders Bank, while closer to home there were reports of KG whiting, squid, snook and tommies on the late afternoon high tides. Jetty-based anglers did well on bream, big squid, tommies and snook from The Bluff and Port Elliott. Locals fishing from the shore at Chiton Rocks and Port Elliott caught a couple of nice flathead on Sunday, plus mullet and small salmon. 3. Waitpinga and Parson's Beaches: the great salmon run continues along this part of the coast as shore-based fishing brought in catches varying from trouts to 3 kilos - the gutters at Waits and Parson's beaches being particularly productive on the evening high tides. King's beach also holds mullet and the odd flathead, while a couple of anglers reported tackle busting mulloway in the surf late on Saturday night! Cape Jervis/Wirrina/Silver Sands: try the jetties and Cape Jervis and Rapid Bay for nice tommies and squid in the calm, cool evenings - a steady berley trail is essential for the ruffas! Squid and whiting were caught off Wirrina in waters of about 10 metres depth, with gar, squid and salmon out from Rapid Head and Carrackalinga. The Wirrina marina breakwater and Second Valley jetty had salmon trout late in the week and I had an unconfirmed report of yellowfin whiting just south of the beach access ramp at Silver Sands on Sunday. Big boats fishing offshore from Cape Jervis reported whiting, squid, sweep and flathead. Tight Lines!

LOWER COORONG/SOUTH EAST Salmon to 3 kgs & a few mulloway of various sizes have been caught at Salt Creek, 28 Mile Crossing & Policeman's Point. Flathead, KG whiting & squid were the main reports from boat crews fishing at Kingston & Robe, with jetty-based anglers taking big fat ruffs, squid & snook at dusk. The Little Dip Salmon Hole has a few trouts, but there are a couple of big, dusky flathead on the left hand side bay where the surging swells run across the beach & then drain towards Poorman's Head. Mulloway & salmon to 3 kilos have come from the beach at Lurline Point, with mullet catches steady from Stinky Beach & Beachport Surfer's Beach. Carpenter Rocks & South End have gar, squid & big KG whiting, while off-shore (weather permitting) boat crews have fished for tuna, sweep, red nannygai & squid. Tight Lines!

YORKE PENINSULA Port Broughton: Early morning anglers are trying the jetty for tommy ruffs, squid and mullet. Boat crews had a great weekend weather-wise chasing KG whiting, squid, snook and flathead. Wallaroo: A heavy sea fog greeted early morning anglers on Sunday and the boatramp was busy. Crews fished for KG whiting, squid and Winter gar from The Magazine, Point Riley and Myponie Point. Jetty-based fishing has a few tommies and squid for the patient. Port Hughes/Moonta Bay: Anglers who fished the late afternoon high tides did best on whiting, squid and flathead last week. Try the jetties for squid, ruffs and mullet along the blue-line. Point Turton: Jetty-based fishing has been quite disappointing in recent days from here and Port Rickaby with the odd squid and gar only. Boat crews and charters caught a mixed bag of big red mullet, whiting, flathead, squid and sand crabs. Marion/Stenhouse Bays: Salmon up to 1 kilo have been caught from the shore at Gym, Brown and Dust Bowl beaches, while boat anglers fishing offshore have found slim pickings, with the odd red nanny, flathead and snook only. Local jetties gain have nice squid and ruffs late in the afternoons. The beach at Gleeson's Landing is soft and dangerous even for 4 wheel drive vehicles at the moment. Edithburgh/Stansbury: KG whiting reports have started to improve as the seasonal bloodworm run comes to an end and the fish come back on the bite. Rocky Gully, Port Giles and the grounds just east of Stansbury all produced fish up to 35cm, along with squid, flathead and red mullet. Ardrossan: Try the jetty and local beaches for mullet, salmon trout and even squid in close to shore (a turnip float rig works well). Boat crews are catching a few KG whiting, gar, squid and salmon trout. Tight Lines!

KANGAROO ISLAND The grounds at Redbanks in Nepean Bay have KG whiting, squid & flathead. Kingscote jetty has squid & fat tommy ruffas. Boat crews fishing the channel & bay are catching KG whiting, tommies, squid & flathead. Emu Bay has KG whiting, squid & tommies & there are salmon to 2 kilos at American River, plus a mix of whiting, flathead, red mullet & squid. Backstairs Passage has tommies, squid, sweep & red nannys.

AUGUST SEAFOOD TIP FREEZING YOUR CATCH. Try freezing your fillets in natural seawater, using containers to place and then cover the fillets with water and freeze. When frozen, tap out the block of fish and ice and wrap in clear plastic wrap and store in the fridge freezer. Great for fish such as gar, bream, mullet, tommies and salmon and will extend the freezer life of your fish by up to 3 months! Bon Appetit!

WEST COAST/EYRE PENINSULA Some absolutely outstanding salmon over 3 kilos have been caught in recent days from several West Coast beaches, inc. Gunyah, Sheringa & Convention - hungry little monstas taking fresh pilchards, lures & les plastiques! These fish have run down from Fowler's Bay & should start appearing off the Coorong & South East in coming weeks. KG whiting catches are steady at both Smoky & Streaky Bays, along with flathead, green mackerals, red mullet & squid. Big squid are also inside Coffin & Venus Bays, plus some nice Winter garfish, snook & tommy ruffs. Shore-based casters have reported mulloway from The Dog Fence beach & Claire & Fowler's Bays, with big ruffs, squid & strongies at Point Sinclair jetty. Crews fishing the Leeton Tug grounds just south of Whyalla have caught KG whiting, tommies & squid, with several boats also finding yellowtail kingfish off Point Lowly & Weeroona Bay. Some very nice dusky flathead have come from Tumby Bay, Pt Neill & Pt Lincoln foreshores. Tight Lines!