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Neptune Islands Marine Park

Neptune Islands Marine Park
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General Marine Park Information

The Neptune Islands Marine Park is one of the state's smaller marine parks, taking up only 146km2. It consists of two groups of granite based islands, referred to as "northern" and "southern" Neptune Islands. Large populations of fur seals and sea lions exist (mainly on the southern islands) which in turn promote high numbers of sharks in the area, predominantly great whites and bronze whalers.

Note: these islands are in an extremely unprotected part of the State, and care should be taken with local seas and weather conditions.

GPS Boundaries*

There are no specific GPS markers indicating intersections or boundary points around the islands. Rather, the marine park is designated as extending to a range of 2 nautical miles (approx 3.7km) out from each of the island groups' median high water mark.

Fishing Information

Commercial fishing activities target the southern rock lobster, pilchards, shark and leatherjackets. Recreationally, many charter boat operators operate out of Pt. Lincoln travelling to the Neptune Islands, targetting tuna, snapper, nannygai, Yellowtail Kingfish, trevally and even barracuda and Samson Fish. For the truly intrepid, the Neptune Islands are widely regarded as one of the more exciting (and dangerous!) places to go cage diving with the great whites.

*Note: GPS boundaries are approximate positions only. For more detailed information, please refer to the DEH website