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Western Kangaroo Island Marine Park

Western Kangaroo Island Marine Park
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General Marine Park Information

At 1020 km2, the Western Kangaroo Island Marine Park contains one of the more wild and rugged coastlines in South Australia, with little or no protection from the fury of the Southern Ocean. High cliffs, rocky headlands and at times huge seas dominate this section of K.I., with outlying shallow and deepwater reef systems also present at some locations.

Anglers should beware, this is a truly dangerous part of our coastline. There are very few boating facilities, and much of the coastline (excepting the tourist spots) is only accessible by 4WD. Shore fishing from the rocks can also be considered as tempting fate, for the swells that pound the area are well known for washing people out to sea.

This section of Kangaroo Island is home to several colonies of sea lions and fur seals which can often be seen basking on the rocks near the shoreline. Also common in these waters is the incredible blue wrasse, which can literally choose its own sex for up to 30 years!

GPS Boundaries*

  • The western most point of the marine park is well out to sea off the northwest tip of K.I., at 1361412.39E, 353950.15S.
  • Running easterly back towards K.I., to 1364652.75E, 353950.15S.
  • Southerly for a short distance into the coast, intersecting at median high water mark near Cape Forbin (1364652.75E, 35426.8S).
  • Westerly and southerly around the coast of K.I. to Sanderson Bay (1364725.3E, 36154.63S), neat the SE boundary of Flinders Chase National Park.
  • Out to sea in a southerly direction to reach the seaward limit of the State's coastal waters, at 1364725.3E, 36540.29S.
  • North westerly to the first point above along the outer boundary of the coastal waters of the State (effectively paralleling the coast).

Fishing Information

Commerical fishing is quite active in this area, thanks to the deep water, local upwelling sites and direct access to the Southern Ocean. The major targets are abalone and rock lobster on the reef structures, as well as pilchards and shark. For the recreational fisho, most options are limited to deep water fishing due to the rough seas frequently encountered near the coast. You will find blue wrasse, blue groper, trevally, snapper and tuna, as well as some thumper King George whiting (50cm+) along the sandy bottom sections of the coast.

If you are keen to fish this area but are unsure of your abililty to handle the boating conditions, there are plenty of charter tours that operate from the coastal settlements of K.I. and are more than capable of taking you around for a shot at some big fish!

*Note: GPS boundaries are approximate positions only. For more detailed information, please refer to the DEH website.