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Encounter Marine Park

Encounter Marine Park
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General Marine Park Information

The first Marine Park established under the current regime of legislation, at 3119km2 Encounter Marine Park runs from Christies Beach on the mainland across to Point Marsden on Kangaroo Island, around to Cape Willoughby then back past Goolwa on the Sir Richard Peninsula. This Marine Park also covers the original mouth of the Murray River which extended an incredible 87 kms out to sea further than its current position.

The typical form of coastline in this marine park is high-energy sandy beaches interspersed amongst rocky headlands and backed by low-medium height cliffs. Significant shallow and deepwater reef structures are present all along the coastal boundaries, with seagrass meadows also found on some of the sandier bottomed sections. The coastline of Kangaroo Island included in this marine park also offer many sheltered bays and estuaries.

GPS Boundaries*

  • The western most boundary point is at median-high water near Point Marsden, 1373755.27E, 353348.89S.
  • The boundary then runs north easterly to 1382215.6E, 351924.79S, just off Sellicks Beach.
  • Northerly to 1382215.6E, 35752.72S.
  • Easterly to intersect with the coastline at median high water mark around Christies Beach, 138281.11E, 35752.72S.
  • Southerly along the coastline, around the bottom of the Fleurieu Peninsula to 138479.53E, 353135.93S (the western end of the Goolwa barrage).
  • Generally along the median high water mark of the seaward edges of Hindmarsh Island, Mundoo Island and Ewes Island before returning to the outer barrage and running along the coastline to 1391223.67E, 35453.86S.
  • South westerly into open water to the seaward limit of the State's coastal waters, at 139952.02E, 354717.77S.
  • Generally westward along the outer edge of the State's coastal waters to 1381647.12E, 355037.31S.
  • Westerly to the coast of Kangaroo Island, intersecting at median high water mark near Cape Willoughby (13881.16E, 355037.31S).
  • North westerly along the coast of Kangaroo Island to the point first listed above, Point Marsden.

Fishing Information

Along the western coast of the mainland in this marine park area, anglers will find snapper, sweep, shark and trevally along the outer reeef systems and squid, whiting and tommy ruffs in the shallower, calmer waters. The eastern section (near Goolwa and further south into the Coorong), fishos with a 4WD can access the beach for salmon, mulloway and shark.

The coast of Kangaroo Island offers alot of fishing in this area, with some wild and rugged environments near Cape Willoughby, getting progressively more sheltered and calmer as head north/northwest along the coast. Anglers will find plenty of King George whiting, bream, flathead, mullet, garfish and tommy ruff, plus squid, snook and trevally as you get closer to the Point Marsden area.

*Note: GPS boundaries are approximate positions only. For more detailed information, please refer to the DEH website.