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Eastern Spencer Gulf Marine Park

Eastern Spencer Gulf Marine Park
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General Marine Park Information

The Eastern Spencer Gulf Marine Park is 784km2 in size, and is a rectangular-ish shaped block running south from Cape Elizabeth to a location approximately half way between Port Rickaby and Port Victoria, and including Wardang Island. It is a medium-energy environment, characterised by rocky coastlines and sandy beaches with outlying reef structures. It is afforded significant shelter from the open sea however by virtue of the "foot" of Yorke Peninsula, and as such the marine park also houses many delicate marine sponges and seagrasses.

This particular section of the coast has been a popular holiday spot for some years, and as such has a well-developed tourism industry catering to fishing, diving and yachting amongst other activities. It is also the site for many shipwrecks - the reefs around Wardang Island have at least nine. The Wardang Island Maritime Heritage Trail has diving sites for several of these wrecks, and is well worth the effort for avid scuba divers. Goose Island (just off the northern tip of Wardang Island) is also home to a colony of sea-lions.

GPS Boundaries*

  • The north western point of the marine park is at 1371830.65E, 34754.08S.
  • It extends easterly towards the coast, intersecting at 1372716.91E, 34754.08S, near Cape Elizabeth.
  • Running south along the coastline at median high water mark to the a spot south of Port Victoria, at 1373023.94E, 343516.8S.
  • Westerly out into open water, to 1371830.65E, 343516.8S.

Fishing Information

Shore/jetty fishing in this area will produce whiting and squid, with some flathead, garfish and even the odd snapper as well. If you have access to a boat, heading offshore to the reef systems around Wardang Island and Point Pearce will also land you sweep, snook, trevally, shark and greater numbers of snapper. Just be careful in the waters around Wardang Island - the reef often bulges in and out unexpectedly and can cause the unwary boatsman to run aground. Various sandbars also exist in the area, and can move/shift about dependent on the tides and local weather conditions.

The Port Victoria Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol Easter Fishing Competition is an annual event that awards prizes for the largest snapper, whiting or squid. Categories are traditionally subdivided even further to distinguish between adults and children under 16, and also between shorebound and boat caught fish. This event attracts a lot of interest every year, and is a great chance to show off your fishing prowess!

*Note: GPS boundaries are approximate positions only. For more detailed information, please refer to the DEH website.