Greg James

APRIL 25 - MAY 7

NEW GPS MARKS! An exclusive for members! As part of improvements to member benefits - these are in addition to my SA Fishing Pathfinder marks!

  • 35 05 54.22S x 138 26 30.12E snapper/flathead/tommies
  • 34 54 57.47S x 138 24 03.73E kg whiting/gar/blueys
  • 34 58 54.40S x 138 26 36.14E snapper/flathead
  • 34 59 18.13S x 138 28 11.45E kgwhiting/squid/ruffs
  • 35 00 15.06S x 138 21 05.36E snapper/kgwhiting/blueys/gar
  • 34 46 15.34S x 138 24 27.77E garfish/kgwhiting/squid/blueys
  • 34 56 25.96S x 138 28 10.10E garfish/kgwhiting/squid/ruffas
  • 35 12 19.28S x 138 26 05.97E snapper/salmontrout/squid
  • 35 13 07.33S x 138 25 29.40E snapper/squid

Rogues Point/Ardrossan - the NEW WINDARRA oyster reef co-ordinates below, but pse remember no anchors!

  • S34 30.496 x E137 53.953
  • S34 30.604 x E137 53.949
  • S34 30.499 x E137 54.083
  • S34 30.607 x E137 54.079

Corny Point:

  • 34 52 35.54S x 137 01 19.46E snapper/kgwhiting/squid
  • 34 52 04.42S x 137 00 00.67E gar/squid/ruffs/mullet
  • 34 52 34.19S x 137 00 15.33E gar/squid/ruffas

Point Turton:

  • 34 46 15.34S x 137 24 27.77E gar/snapper/squid

METRO I fished out from West Beach just before ANZAC Day with good friend Matt & we caught KG whiting, squid, red mullet & a bloody football! Yep, true story! A comercial squidder was giving the place a good working over, but boat traffic wasn't huge, so other than a small dose of sea sickness, it was a great day out! Blueys, gar & tommies are off St Kilda & Thompson's Beach, gar & ruffs from Port Noarlunga, mullet from The Pat & Port River (just north of the small yacht base) & KG whiting off North Haven & Semaphore. Local jetties have gar, ruffs & squid with Brighton, Glenelg & Semaphore all worth a try on the late afternoon high tide. Snapper reports have been slow.

SOUTH COAST 1. Goolwa: the Murray River mouth, Tauwitchere Barrage and Salt Creek all enjoyed improved catches of mulloway as our weather also improved dramatically in the past week. Mullet came from Sugars and Goolwa beaches, while the upper Coorong produced salmon around the 1 kilo mark. If you are fishing the river itself, there are good reports of callop taking baits of shrimp and prawns. 2. Victor Harbor: The Bluff has nice squid and tommy ruffs, especially in the late afternoon high tides. KG whiting, rugger snapper and squid have also been landed by boat crews fishing around Victor and Chiton Rocks. Small flathead and salmon trout have been caught from several local beaches in and around Middleton. 3. Waitpinga-Cape Jervis: snapper, sampson fish, kingies, big leather jackets and trevalley were the main reports from boat crews returning from Backstairs Passage over the weekend. Salmon trout have been caught from both Parson's and 4. Rapid Bay-Normanville: the weather turned close to perfect for the first week of the school holidays and jetty anglers tried their luck for garfish, squid and tommies. Rapid Bay jetty was particularly popular on Sunday morning. Boats crews fishing out from Wirrina caught KG whiting, snapper, squid and salmon trout on the troll. Myponga and Normanville grounds have a mix of gar, squid and small KG whiting.

YORKE PENINSULA Wallaroo: What a difference can a week make, weatherwise, that is! I fished from several beach locations on southern Yorke Peninsula after those strong storms and we caught yellowfin whiting, big flathead and salmon trout. The Wallaroo jetty has squid and a few sand crabs, while boat crews have caught garfish, King George (KG) whiting, squid and tommies (Australian herring). Moonta Bay/Port Hughes: Good catches of rugger snapper and KG whiting have come from Steamer channel, along with a couple of nice kingfish as well. Gar and squid can be caught from the two (2) jetties and east of Tiparra Reef. Port Victoria: Balgowan is the place for steady catches of early winter KG whiting, together with squid, tommies and snook. Port Vic has a few snapper at the off-shore drops, KG whiting and squid. Point Turton: Colleagues of mine fished here and out from Port Rickaby during the first week of the school holidays and caught tommies, gar, the odd KG whiting and small snapper. Local jetty fishing has also been slow, with a few gar and squid only. Marion and Stenhouse Bays: I fished from the shore here last week and caught KG whiting, flathead and salmon trout in reasonable numbers. Mullet are here and around at Brown's Beach, but not yet in big numbers. Local boats crews have caught red nannys, snapper, kingfish, squid and KG whiting. Edithburgh/Stansbury: I checked out both boatramps on Sunday and reports were mixed. KG whiting from Troubridge Island, snapper from Marion Reef and snook and blueys off the Orontes Bank. Black Point/Pine Point: A decent early morning high tide on the weekend saw several boats fishing inside the bay at Black Point for gar, blueys and squid. Several anglers were also fishing off the Pine Point wharf for yellowfin whiting and salmon trout. Ardrossan: Several small tinnies were fishing the shallows off the mine site on Sunday for gar, tommies and squid. Further off-shore the bigger boats tried for snapper, KG whiting, squid and Kingfish. Jetty fishing has been a tad on the quiet side, but the beaches north of town have salmon trout and yellowfin whiting.

EYRE PENINSULA Thank you to member Wayne for his report from Streaky Bay - KG whiting to 38cm from Elba Island, which is just south of the Dashwood Channel, plenty of nice squid & a few red mullet as well. Top catches of KG whiting continue from Venus Bay, Streaky Bay & Smoky Bay. If you are fishing the Whyalla area, try out near Leeton Tug (south of Cowled's Landing) where reports of garfish, snapper and KG whiting are coming through. Murninnie Point also has blueys & yellowfin whiting. Nadia's Landing and Acraman Creek are certainly worth a try for blueys, kg whiting, mullet & garfish on the far west coast. Snapper reports are varied, with good fish off Tumby Bay & Cowell. Yellowfin whiting are at Germein Point, Proper Bay, Port Neill, Tumby Bay and Whyalla.

SOUTH EAST Good reports of 39cm plus KG whiting have come in from Kingston & Boatswain's Point, with the fish hungry gor soft, fresh squid pieces. Local Jetties have tommies, squid & garfish still, while boats fishing out from Robe catching snapper, sweep, KG whiting & squid. Big boats fishing off Port Mac have caught tuna, red nannys, KG whiting & squid. Tommies, mullet & garfish have been landed off Beachport & South End. The 32 Mile Crossing has salmon around 2 kilos. Tight Lines!