Greg James


NEW GPS MARKS An exclusive for members! As part of improvements to member benefits - these are in addition to my SA Fishing Pathfinder marks!

  • 35 05 90.0S x 138 26 50.0E snapper/flathead/tommies
  • 34 54 95.4S x 138 24 06.2E kg whiting/gar/blueys
  • 34 58 90.3S x 138 26 60E snapper/flathead
  • 34 59 30.1S x 128 34 19E kgwhiting/squid/ruffs
  • 35 00 25.0S x 138 21 08.9E snapper/kgwhiting/blueys/gar
  • 34 46 25.46S x 137 24 46.09E garfish/kgwhiting/squid/blueys
  • 34 56 43.09S x 138 28 16.76E garfish/kgwhiting/squid/ruffas
  • 35 12 32.01S x 138 26 09.91E snapper/salmontrout/squid
  • 35 13 12.17S x 138 25 48.80E snapper/squid

NEW!! Rogues Point/Ardrossan - the oyster reef co-ordinates below, but pse remember no anchors!

  • S34 30.496 x E137 53.953
  • S34 30.604 x E137 53.949
  • S34 30.499 x E137 54.083
  • S34 30.607 x E137 54.079

Corny Point:

  • 34 52 59.0S x 137 01 32.3E snapper/kgwhiting/squid
  • 34 52 07.33S x 137 00 01.12E gar/squid/ruffs/mullet
  • 34 52 56.76S x 137 00 25.45E gar/squid/ruffas

Point Turton:

  • 34 46 25.46S x 137 24 46.09E gar/snapper/squid

METRO Please check above! I have put up a couple of website links for GPS marks conversions PLUS a few more GPS marks! Check the Outer Harbour shipping channel for snapper after dusk, while ruggers have been caught further northat Long Spit. Yellowfin whiting & mullet can be caught from Port Praham, Light & Middle beaches on the high tides. Blueys & gar can be caught from Semaphore & North Haven, with good fish also at West Beach, Bower Road & Largs Bay/Grange. Garfish are at Christies Beach horseshoe reef, Port Noarlunga reef/shoal (north-west of the river mouth) & Hallett Cove. Squid reports have been mainly from the southern metro grounds inc. Hallett Cove, Marino & Seacliff.

SOUTH COAST Goolwa: pipi/cockle gatherers are reminded of the possession and limit quotas that have been set, as several serious offences were recently uncovered when PIRSA Fisheries officers caught people (not necessarily rec fishers, by the way) with over 3000 cockles illegally in their possession. Salmon trout and small, school mulloway have come from the beach at Goolwa, the river mouth and inside both the Mundoo and Goolwa channels. Yabbies have been caught well upstream, along with carp and a few Redfin perch. Victor Harbor: schools of southern bluefin tuna are off the Middleton and Victor Harbor coastline, with a couple of fish coming in at 30kilos! Garfish, red nannys and snapper have also been caught from the boats, while tommies and a couple of squid have been the main reports from The Bluff and Screwpile jetties. Waitpinga: I haven't had big reports from here and Parson's beach in the last few days, but salmon trout are in the water from way across the run at Kanagroo Island and then right on down past the Coorong. Mullet and green mackerels are also taking lures and fresh bait. Cape Jervis/Rapid Bay: tommies are actively biting first thing in the morning after the strong southerlies of the weekend at both jetties, but squid have virtually disappeared. Flathead, sweep and red nannys have been the reports from boats. Wirrina/Sellicks beach: snapper running up to 6 kilos have been caught along this section of the coast in recent days, plus tommies, gar, flathead and snook. Lots of holiday traffic on the jetties has put plenty of berley in the water and the results have slowed accordingly - quite a few fat, over-fed fish I would say! Shore-based fishing has mullet, salmon trout and bream at Myponga.

YORKE PENINSULA Port Broughton: I took a quick trip up here last week to check out a boat and the reports from locals were pretty consistent. Trumpeters, puffers and small blueys in close to shore, snapper and kingies out off several shoals and small reef networks. Garfish and snook are up at Port Davis, along with some nice blueys. Wallaroo: the jetty has been packed over the last week, along with a grain ship which departed on Sunday with a full load. Rec fishers were literally everywhere chasing squid, blue and sand crabs and yellowfin whiting. I fished here (with a plurry outboard that kept flooding) on Wednesday evening for blueys, kg whiting and plenty of puffer fish. Other boat crews reported small snapper, blueys and gar. The packed boat ramp had to be seen to be believed! Port Hughes: the jetties here and over at Moonta Bay had blue crabs, yellowfin whiting and small gar in the past week. Boats fishing Tippara reef. Caught gar, squid, tommies and small kg whiting. Cape Elizabeth grounds have salmon trout, while shore-based fishing at Barkers Rocks has small flathead and yellowfin whiting in the mix. Point Turton: several mates fishing north of Harwicke Bay over the past week caught kg whiting from The Bankes, squid and garfish at Port Rickaby. Crews fishing Corny Point found whiting, gar, snook and tommies. Edithburgh: try the jetty for tommies and squid and the beaches at Sultana Point have salmon trout and yellowfin whiting. Crews fishing Tapley Shoals and the Troubridge Light caught snapper, blue morwong and a couple of big kg whiting. Black Point/Ardrossan: holiday season boating traffic had anglers out pretty much from daybreak, with kayaks fishing off the Pine Point wharf and small tinnies chasing gar and ruffs at Black Point and up to James Well. Big boats fishing out of Ardrossan caught snapper, squid and gar. Rakers reported a few blueys at Price and Port Julia.

EYRE PENINSULA Some nice snapper have come from the Yalata channel just south of Thevenard (Ceduna) and the Dashwood channel north of Streaky Bay. Blueys & garfish are in good numbers at Smoky Bay, both for jetty anglers & boat crews alike. Salmon of various sizes can be caught from the surf at Lock's Well & Talia, while inside Venus Bay there are gar, ruffas & snook. KG whiting catches have been best from Proper & Coffin Bays, along with gar, ruffs & squid. Snapper are at Cowell, along with blueys, snook & garfish! Tight Lines!