Greg James

JUNE 17 - 24, 2019

New! GPS Conversion Websites

Here are a couple of free-to-use websites that can help with GPS mark conversion. If your GPS receiver uses a different coordinate system to the one we use, these sites may help in converting them for your use!


An exclusive for members! As part of improvements to member benefits - these are in addition to my SA Fishing Pathfinder marks!


  • 34 59 40.00S x 138 24 00.00E snapper / kgwhiting / squid
  • 34 59 30.10S x 138 24 19.00E kgwhiting / squid / garfish
  • 35 05 54.22S x 138 26 30.12E snapper / flathead / tommies
  • 34 54 57.47S x 138 24 03.73E kg whiting / gar / blueys
  • 34 58 54.40S x 138 26 36.14E snapper / flathead
  • 34 59 18.13S x 138 28 11.45E kgwhiting /squid / ruffs
  • 35 00 15.06S x 138 21 05.36E snapper / kgwhiting / blueys / gar
  • 34 46 15.34S x 138 24 27.77E garfish / kgwhiting / squid / blueys
  • 34 56 25.96S x 138 28 10.10E garfish / kgwhiting / squid / ruffas
  • 35 12 19.28S x 138 26 05.97E snapper / salmontrout / squid
  • 35 13 07.33S x 138 25 29.40E snapper / squid


Rogues Point/Ardrossan - the NEW WINDARRA oyster reef (rectangular shape with 4 corners) co-ordinates below, but pse remember no anchors!

  • S34 30.496 x E137 53.953
  • S34 30.604 x E137 53.949
  • S34 30.499 x E137 54.083
  • S34 30.607 x E137 54.079

Corny Point:

  • 34 52 35.54S x 137 01 19.46E snapper / kgwhiting / squid
  • 34 52 04.42S x 137 00 00.67E gar / squid / ruffs / mullet
  • 34 52 34.19S x 137 00 15.33E gar / squid / ruffas

Point Turton:

  • 34 46 15.34S x 137 24 27.77E gar / snapper / squid

METRO After the strong winds over most of the Long Weekend there are schools of KG whiting close inshore from West Beach through to Outer Harbour, with some really decent fish to 38cm at Glenelg, Grange & Semaphore. St Kilda also has reasonable numbers of KG whiting, along with flathead & tommy ruffs. Small snapper continue to grab baits out off Moana, Maslins & Triggs Beach with gar & ruffs at Christies Beach & Port Noarlunga. Squid & gar are at Hallett Cove & Seacliff/Marino & there are schools of mullet & salmon trout at West Lakes & inside the Port River system. Tight Lines!

SOUTH COAST Goolwa and fresh water: mullet are just inside the river mouth and off Sugar's Beach, while salmon trout are in the upper reaches of the Coorong and The Lakes. Try around Lock 3 and Walker Flat for callop, while redfin are at Murray Bridge and Purnong. Victor Harbor: large KG whiting have come closer inshore after the wind and rain last week with good fish at West Island and Encounter Bay. Squid and nice tommies are at The Bluff and Screwpile jetties. Waitpinga/Parson's beaches: salmon up to 2 kilos are at Waits with smaller fish in the gutters at Parson's beach, along with various sized mullet. Cape Jervis/Wirrina: snapper and KG whiting have come from the deep water drops off Cape Jervis and Wirrina. Flathead, squid and trevalley are just north of Rapid Bay, while the jetty here has tommies and squid. Lady Bay anglers are reporting KG whiting, gar, squid and tommy ruffs. Tight Lines!

YORKE PENINSULA Wallaroo: Several medium sized KG whiting came from the broken grounds out from the Marina last week after the stormy weather, plus bigger fish past Myponie Point and then south at the Ballast grounds. The jetty has night time tommies and squid over the weekend. Schools of salmon trout have run past Bird Reef and Point Riley in recent days. Port Hughes - Moonta Bay: KG whiting catches have been varied, with good fish on the bite at Cape E and West Light but slower inshore around Moonta Bay and Warburto Point. Jetty fishing has a few squid, tommies and gar. Point Turton: Try the grounds up at Mindlacowie for gar, tommy ruffs and snook, while local jetty fishing is worth a try for nice tommies after dusk. Boat crews fishing The Pines and Corny Point reported snapper to 4 kilos from their off-shore drops. Marion Bay - Stenhouse Bay: Good catches of salmon and mullet have come in at Brown's Beach, Pondalowie Bay and Daly Heads with the Stenhouse Bay jetty also holding tommies and small, pesky leather jackets. Boat crews who had good weather last Sunday caught flathead, small snapper, squid and garfish at Yorke Point. Edithburgh: Boat crews are catching a mix of fish, with gar and tommies off Rocky Gully and flathead and snook from Troubridge Island. The jetty has been unusually quiet. Stansbury/Port Vincent: Boat crews enjoyed magic fishing conditions over the weekend, with tides and winds all favourable. Main reports have been KG whiting, snook and salmon trout. The jetty at Stansbury has small squid and tommy ruffs. Ardrossan: Several small schools of salmon trout continue to run at Price and Ardrossan, with a few fish also coming in from the wharf at Pine Point. Offshore conditions have small snapper from the Gus Shoal and KG whiting south of Port Clinton. Tight Lines!

EYRE PENINSULA Schools of yellowfin whiting are still frequenting Spencer Gulf foreshores such as Germein Point (Cowell), Pt Lincoln's Proper Bay, Murninie Point & Whyalla town beach on the high tides. Salmon up to 2 kilos are at Sheringa, Lock's Well & Talia beaches, as well as bigger fish at Claire Bay & Point Sinclair. Snapper, squid & KG whiting are at Streaky Bay with Smoky Bay also holding flathead & garfish. Pt Augusta old power station grounds have kingies & a few snapper are south at Blanche Harbour. Squid & KG whiting can be caught at Arno Bay & Port Neill. Tight Lines!

SOUTH EAST Snapper & trevalla have been caught at Danger & Green Points, as well as Cape Northumberland & Port MacDonnell. Local South East jetty fishing has KG whiting & squid at Beachport, tommies & squid from Kingston & gar & tommies at Port Mac. Gar & mullet are on the bite at Nora Creina Bay & Little Dip, Cape Douglas & South End, while KG whiting & snapper are among the reports from boat crews fishing out of Kingston. Salmon fishing is steady at the 32 Mile Crossing, Salt Creek & The Granites with 2-3 kilo fish common. Tight Lines!